What Benefits Does Home Automation Have in Homes?

Home automation is no longer something exclusive to large houses, hotels or buildings. That is why currently many homes, regardless of their size, have this technology.

What Benefits does Home Automation have in Homes?

What Benefits does Home Automation have in Homes?

And it is not only comfortable but also provides other benefits. Do you want to know which ones? We tell you about it in this article.

Today,anyone can automate their home, to a greater or lesser degree. And we can do it for the comfort it brings us, for safety, for economy, or because we have an ecological conscience. The truth is that, if we opt for a smart home, we will obtain many benefits.


One of the objectives of having a smart home is security control. Linked toalarm systems,fire detection, or other applications that increase security in the different buildings that we use daily.

Greater comfort

The systems of a home with automation are in charge of regulating all the elements in the house, sowe don’t have to be checking each roomto check the windows, or anything else.

Energy saving

With home automation, we can intelligently and automatically manage lighting,appliancesandlight input to the home. Making much more use of natural resources.

Improve the environment

A home automation installation allows us not only to improve the comfort and safety of our home but also to considerably reduce the energy use of our electrical appliances, such as a washing machine, air conditioning systems, and refrigerators, among others. A fact that has a positive impact on the environment.

Better Accessibility

Home automation systemsimprove and make life easierfor people with reduced mobility or who have some type of disability. As? They give us the possibility of monitoringand control, andnotify the medical or emergency services when it detects any abnormal behavior.

Independent control of each area of ​​the house

Home automation installations allowzoned controlof the rooms in our house. By controlling each room individually, we can minimize risks separately and improve consumption in terms ofventilation,air conditioningandheating, among others.

Economic savings

By enabling a home that is automated to manage all the control elements that contribute tosaving water, electricity and fuel, a considerable reduction in spending is obtained and consequently in our bills.

What can we automate in our home?

To have the most concrete advice possible, it is important to know the home automation systems that we can integrate to control our home :

Temperature control

Throughlocal thermostats or from a touch screen. We achieve this with an installation of an energy management module that allows us to visualize the electricity consumption of our home. This will allow us to control both theventilationand theair conditioningandheatingin our house.

Lighting control

We can manage the lights by rooms, by floors or in general for the whole house, programming themto turn on and off at a specific time.

In addition, to includepresence detectorsthat incorporate an ambient light sensor in areas of passage so that the lights turn on automatically when they detect movement.

Shutter automation

Scheduling for the blinds of the automated house, as well as thegeneral lowering when the panic buttonof the security alarm is activated.

Control alarm systems and detectors

Installation of an alarm center thatdetects smoke, floods and gas leaks, connected to presence detectors in the home, which allowcallsfrom up to five telephone numbers.

Security cameras

Activation of the recording of images through the home automation installation for our single-family home, usingsecurity cameras and viewingthese imagesfrom the Smartphone, Tablet or computer.

Sound, music

Control of the sound system by rooms, allowing you to listen to different sound sources in each room of the home automation, orplay music from your iPod or Home Cinema.

Scenarios or presence simulation

Programming of customizable scenarios in the home, to control the lighting, the heating system, the sound and the blinds at the same time, so that from the outside it seemsthat we are at home, during vacation periods, weekends, etc.

The price of having a home with automation can vary from 1,000 to 50,000 euros. This will depend on thescope of the installation itself. What do we mean by this? Well, whatever we want our home automation system to control.

For example, if we only want our home to control the air conditioning, the price will be lower than if we want it to control the lighting and other appliances at the same time. For this reason, it is convenient to firstbe clear about what we want to automate in our home.

In addition to this, the price will also vary depending on whether we want awired installation, or if, on the contrary, we want itwireless. If we are doing reform or new construction, we recommend that you opt for a wired home automation installation.

With it we will gain reliability since wireless systems are more susceptible to being affected by interference. So everything is important that you let yourself be advised by a professional in the sector.

in the home, to control the lighting, the heating system, the sound and the blinds at the same time, so that from the outside it seemsthat we are at home, during vacation periods, weekends, etc.

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