What Content Is Prohibited on TikTok?

There will always be new videos uploaded on TikTok. Not a few content creators on the TikTok application are competing to enter FYP and go viral.

What Content is Prohibited on TikTok? Threatened with Take Down & Account Banned

What Content is Prohibited on TikTok?

Usually they create various types of interesting content. Unfortunately, there are still some irresponsible individuals who upload prohibited content on TikTok.

The goal is to get lots of views instantly, even though this has the potential to be taken down and your account is banned. Apart from that, you could also face criminal charges if you are proven to have violated the law.

Harmful Content

The first type of content that is prohibited on TikTok is excessive pranks that can end up causing harm and causing harm to others.

Not only that, content that displays actions that endanger yourself or others is not allowed to be uploaded on TikTok.

Content Violates Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

For a long time, TikTok has strictly prohibited its users from uploading content that violates copyright and intellectual property rights. For example, content cut from films or TV series without permission. The reason is, this is an act of piracy.

Content containing elements of violence and pornography

As one of the most popular social media in the world, TikTok is used by various age groups, including under 18 years of age. This means that any type of content that contains explicit violence will definitely make users feel uncomfortable.

The TikTok system itself will immediately delete this kind of content automatically. If it turns out that there is content that has escaped the system, usually other users will report the content.

Content Contains Elements of SARA, Hate Speech and Discrimination

Not much different from other social media, TikTok also prohibits users from uploading content that contains elements of SARA, hate speech and discrimination. For example, content that displays hate narratives towards certain religions or groups.

So, those are several types of content that are prohibited on TikTok that you must know about. Hopefully the information is useful and inspiring.

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