What Do You Know About Call Center Dialers?

Call centers use a different phone system today. Instead of using a physical telephone, they use dialing apps. In the industry, they call them sales dialers, automated dialers, or outbound dialers. Dialers are one of the most essential tools for call centers providing outbound call services.

What Do You Know About Call Center Dialers?

What Do You Know About Call Center Dialers?

If you are setting up a call center operation in your company or considering upgrading your system, you need to know some things about auto phone dialers.

What is a dialer program?

A dialer is specific software that helps simplify the outbound calling process for call centers. Most dialers, similar to whatConvosoprovides, are widely used for lead generation, cold calling, and telemarketing.

Likewise, many customer service teams that provide customer support and service, conduct customer surveys, and gather customer feedback, typically use a call center dialing solution.

Other businesses and organizations in different services, such as debt collection, public reminders, emergency notifications, appointment reminders, and appointment scheduling, can benefit from an auto dialer.

How does it work?

An automated calling system automatically dials numbers from a contact database to help call center agents. Call dialers are intuitive and can detect disconnected lines, busy signals, and invalid numbers. Moreover, they can distinguish if a machine or a real person answers the call.

The center can customize the dialer to route calls to agents according to availability, play a pre-recorded message, or connect to an IVR system once a person picks up the call.

Dialers’ importance in call center operation

An auto dialer is critical in today’s call center operations, particularly for outbound call services like sales, lead generation, and acquisition.

Sales reps make more than 50 calls daily, and often they have to leave voicemails, leading to more unproductive hours. An auto dialer automates the calling process. The agents do not waste time dialing individual numbers.

Instead, the program does the dialing, transfers it to the available agent, and proceeds to make another call when it senses another agent is about to end a call.

If a machine answers the call or receives a busy signal, the program immediately moves to the next number on the list.

Preferred auto dialer

Auto-dialing is not illegal, but theTelephone Consumer Protection Act(TCPA) restricts using an auto dialer to make unsolicited calls, such as those made to mobile phones without the consent of the recipient.

However, emergency and health-related calls using an auto dialer are exceptions to the TCPA rules.

Most outbound call center services prefer to use a predictive dialer. This auto dialer boosts agent efficiency by improving the number of outbound calls agents can efficiently handle in a day.

It cycles its dialing capability to ensure a limit to the agents’ downtime, which helps increase their productivity. It can screen disconnected numbers, answering machines, and busy signals.

Likewise, its superior algorithm allows it to adjust the call rate according to predetermined call metrics, such as the number of available reps, the number of dials before someone picks up the call, the call abandonment rate, the answered calls ratio, and the agent’s average conversation length.

Aside from the call center’s business processes, the auto dialer is a core of the operation, coupled with the skills of the call center agents.

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