What Does The Best SEO Expert Do In 2024?

If you have a website with an e-commerce infrastructure or if you reach your potential customers over the internet, you should definitely work with an SEO expert. So, what does the best SEO expert do? SEO Expert increases your website searches and increases your revenue.

What Does the Best SEO Expert Do?
What Does the Best SEO Expert Do?

What Does the Best SEO Expert Do?

SEO work is a long-term investment and makes sure that your products and services rank high in Google search engine results. Top rankings increase your site traffic and you can reach potential customers regularly for free.

So, how can you find the SEO expert to increase your sales or revenue?

Roadmap to Increase Sales

SEO work should be aimed at increasing sales at the end of the day. There is a road map to follow. Experts who follow this roadmap successfully increase organic traffic growth and the number of potential customers. Providing effective results covers following SEO roadmap or strategy.

Competitor analysis: what your competitors are doing in your sector is very important. You should review your competitors’ sites and traffic analysis. In this context, your competitors’ monthly site visitors, traffic groups, user experiences and backlinks are very important.

High-conversion keyword analysis:

In addition to competitor analysis, there should be high-conversion keywords related to the products or services offered, and low-competition keywords should be focused first.

Effective content strategy:

after keyword analysis, an original content strategy should be identified. With the original content on a regular basis, Google’s site quality score is raised very quickly.

In-site SEO optimizations:

In -site technical arrangements for Google search bots should be made. For this, you can see all the optimization works that Google has announced for webmasters from Google starter guide .

Off-site SEO work:

The scope of these work is also called link building services. Backlinks are taken from other websites related to your sector with high quality score (Trust Flow or DA). The quality of the resources received and the time taken are very important.

Minor inaccuracies can take you back in site results.
Take a look at all the details and works that increase sales in this guide :

What Does Google Algorithm Consider in Organic Search Results?

Google regularly improves its results in organic results. These algorithm updates have different names such as “Maccabees”, “Rankbrain”, “Mobile First Index”, “Fred”.

However, at the end of the day, the following 3 main issues are mastered and the studies are supported accordingly, your site will not be negatively affected by the updates. 3 basic rules:

  • In-site technical Google SEO settings must be made for every page.
  • The site should be updated regularly with original and quality content for users.
  • Trust Flow high-quality backlink resources in the current sector should be prioritized.

Webmasters or SEO experts who stick to the 3 basic rules achieve success and a rising sales chart step by step.

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