What Is 9XBuddy And How Does It Work?

9xbuddy is a fantastic website that allows you to download Videos and Music from the Internet easily. Searching the web I came across a fantastic website that allows you to download videos from the internet from thousands of portals very easily.

What Is 9XBuddy And How Does It Work?
What Is 9XBuddy And How Does It Work?

We will also be able to download both complete videos and extract audio in MP3 format directly from the videos we see on the internet in one of the numerous web portals.

What Is 9XBuddy And How Does It Work?

The site is called 9xbuddy and is a website that supports the download of videos and music from videos starting from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to stay on social networks to end up in Vimeo, Dailymotion, VK, Soundcloud and many others.

The sites supported for the download of videos and music can be found HERE  with the complete list and they are over 4000 and the list is constantly updated and obviously all the most famous portals are supported, yes even what you are thinking with the Play icon is all red.

Main features 9xbuddy

The site can be reached at 9xbuddy.com from where you can access the official web app accessible from any browser that connects to the internet, both from PC (Windows, MAC or Linux) but also from Android and iOS smartphones or tablets.

9xbuddy supports a large amount of online services among the most disparate are over 4,000, and also more than 50 of the most famous and well-known sites.

It allows you to download multiple videos or music simultaneously automatically.

The incredible functionality of this site is that it is free of invasive advertisements on the site and appearing everywhere anywhere on the site. Real applause for this service that works well and also has very little advertising.

How is 9xbuddy used

How 9xbuddy works is very simple. Just access the 9xbuddy.com site and start the app and copy and paste the link on the white box and then click on the DOWNLOAD item.

In a few seconds the app will show you the alternatives available to download, such as different video qualities and different audio formats and finally by clicking on the download icon (down arrow) you will start downloading the file.

  • Watch a video on any site
  • Copy the video URL
  • Open 9xbuddy.com
  • Enter the URL in the white box at the top of the page and click Download
  • In a few seconds you will get the link to download the video

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