What is Alexa and Amazon Voice Assistant | Describe in Detail

Amazon is a gigantic commercial company, but another of the great services that it also provides, and that many may not know, is that related to cloud computing, which has recently become a real business. In this article, you will learnwhat Alexa is for and how to use Amazon’s voice assistant.

What is Alexa and Amazon Voice Assistant
What is Alexa and Amazon Voice Assistant

What is Alexa and Amazon Voice Assistant?

Other derivative services based on storage systems are emerging, among which is the technology that we are going to evaluate in this post. Therefore, if you want to learn a little about Amazon Alexa, what Alexa is for and how to get the most out of this great virtual assistant, be very attentive.

What is Alexa and what is it for?

Alexa is an electronic and intelligent voice assistantthat allows users to control various external devices or make multiple requests using voice commands.

These orders are taken by a small device known as ”Echo” which is a speaker that implements the Alexa technology in a perfect way.

This device follows the user’s voice until itis activated by saying the word ”AleXa. The letter “X” forms very strong and therefore unusual consonants, allowing the speaker to immediately recognize that the user is addressing them.

For those who wonder what is Alexa and what is it for? This technology works by communicating directly with Amazon’s cloud servers, which guarantees you a great service. Several features of this smart assistant are:

  • You can buy online at Amazon.
  • Ask questions about the weather and forecast.
  • Submit your inquiries online and get an immediate and detailed response.
  • Order fast food at nearby restaurants that offer this service.
  • Communicate with your contacts through calls and messages.
  • Quickly find directions on the road as you move.
  • Stay up to date with the latest news on any topic.
  • Home devices can be managed.
  • Synchronize your calendar to receive notifications and reminders of alarms, and events.

On what devices can the Alexa assistant be used?

As we have said before, this technology is capable of connecting to other home devices that are connected to the smart home network, which are directly connected to the Amazon Echo smart speakers.

In this way you will be able to turn the lights on and off, also turn on and off the surveillance cameras and activate the computer screen, the TV or the smartphone, in addition to opening and closing the doors and even turning on the electrical appliances.

Generally, it works well with the Amazonbasics line of devices:

  • Microwave
  • Wall clocks
  • Security cameras
  • Smart sockets.
  • Thermostats

Amazon has several agreements with various manufacturers of appliances, cars, televisions, smartphones, and even Windows to cover various computers. This virtual assistant is also compatible with multiple Echo device options.

  • Spot Echo: this model can be adapted to all the rooms of your house.
  • Plus Echo: allows you to better manage your home devices.
  • Dot Echo: allows you to use the smart assistant with a more elegant design.
  • Echo Link: is a device that allows you to easily control your music anywhere in your home.

Features that make Alexa a unique voice assistant

Now that you know what Alexa is for, below we will see some of the aspects that make Alexa one of the best virtual assistants today.

  • You can add the possibility of controlling this assistant over other devices with which it is synchronized.
  • One of the unique functions of this type of technology is the possibility of adapting to new functions just by setting a Skill or ability.
  • And the last and unique feature of Alexa is the ability to shop online, especially in the gigantic Amazon store.

Alexa skills What are they and which are the best you can install?

A skill is simply an application that you can install on Alexa to improve what you can do. The term refers to skills that can be added to this wizard simply by downloading and installing them.

In general, a skill is a set of characteristics that work together for something specific, each of them subject to the requirements of some external companies that create them.

For example, if you buy a new smart appliance, like a refrigerator, it tells you what food you have in stock. When you are in the supermarket, youask Alexa from your mobilewhat is left in the fridge to find out what new things you need.

The only way to get the correct answer is to set the Master Skill for that unit. To achieve any of these skills, simply enter the Amazon store from the specified wizard application and search for the one that suits your needs.

The best Alexa skills you should have

You already know what Alexa is for, a little of its skills and advantages, now let’s see what are the best options for Amazon’s smart assistant.

If you perhaps browse through the 23 Amazon Skill categories, you will notice that users prefer those related to food recipes, becausewho doesn’t want to improve their culinary arts in their kitchen by just asking minimal questions?

1. Cookpad

With this Skill, you can review any recipe and get the instructions from start to finish, and with the possibility of pausing when you take a step, and progressing at an appropriate pace.

2. My Chef

This skill or Alexa Skill allows you to get all the instructions you need to prepare delicious meals at home.

3. Track By Nutritionix

This Skill lets you record everything you consume throughout the day and then calculate the calories and keep an adequate control of your figure.

Well, now among the highlights there are others with a varied theme, let’s take a look:

4. Escape Room

Fundamentally, it is a game that is a very good copy of the movie Escape Room, where you have to follow certain clues to escape the room.

5. TP-Link Kasa

With this ability, you will have full control of your Echo over the security cameras, lights and switches that are part of this set of networks.

6. Bamboo

This skill will help you at any time when it comes to meditating during the day, and it is great for creating the ideal environment for this activity.

7. Protect my house

This ability or Alexa Skill allows the Amazon virtual assistant to start emitting realistic sounds inside your house to give the impression that there are people, and thus achieve deterring the malicious.

8. Time

In addition to obtaining accurate weather forecasts with this function, you can also know the news of the moment.

9. Clan Tales

You can enjoy more than 100 captivating stories at your leisure or to relieve stress.

Comparison of Alexa, Ok Google and Siri How are they different and which is better?

Apple and Google have likewise opened access to many websites with their virtual assistants by launching Echo-like devices.These are Google Home and Apple Homepod.

Although in this case, we will not evaluate them in this comparison. However, we have to use their physical characteristics to determine the strengths that exist between them.

Among the most fundamental differences, we can find that its activation mode is different. Meanwhile, in one you have to say ”Hello, Siri“, in the other you have to say ”OK, Google” and in the case of Alexa it is enough to just say ”Alexa, Amazon or Echo“.

Although we go on to see in the following comparative table what are the most notable differences of each one.



Ok google


Voice Recognition

The Apple device has 6 microphones for tracking, so we can say that its service is excellent in any room.

The Google device is less favored in this comparison, since it only has 2 microphones for the recognition of our orders and questions.

On the standard Echo device, the minimum number of microphones is 7, thus far exceeding the customer service capacity.

Device access

Being an Apple product, the teams with which you can work are of a smaller number

In the case of Google, it does not have so many agreements, so the number of devices with which this assistant is compatible is more limited to mobile phones

Thanks to the Skill Alexa has a greater field of devices with which to synchronize

Satisfactory answers

The ecosystem in which Apple operates is usually smaller, because its response capacity is limited by the many devices it can control.

Because Google has the most gigantic database of all in relation to this topic, Ok Google is able to answer more complex questions and commands, so it is in the best position in this evaluation

Meanwhile, Echo at this point can only respond according to the Skills that it has installed, having a little more limited in the first instance this point

Audio quality

In the case of Siri, it is the one with the best sound component integrated into the Homepod

Google’s quality is relatively good, but so far lower than Amazon’s

Amazon’s device has a 100mm woofer audio system with 7 tweeters, which ranks second in this measurement.

Since you know what Alexa is for, to finish, we could also add that the Echo is much cheaper than the Google Home or Apple’s Homepod, and given the large number of skills it has, they exceed 20,000, in addition to the thousands of companies that support Amazon with their devices. We decided to rely heavily on Alexa and Echo.

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