The Framework in IT, What is It?

What is a framework? Initially, this term refers to a dummy, which is created for the design of clothing. This model is the standard of shape and size.

The same goes for web design and the software itself. The framework in the world of computer technology is the basic structure of web design and software development.

The Framework in IT
The Framework in IT

The Framework in IT, What is It?

If you remember the history of website design, we can say that wireframes are far from the most significant role in design elements. The first thing you should do is determine what structure your software will be built on. Second, you need to check its functionality.

In the design process, this is of particular importance. A word like “market” is often used in a language with a similar meaning to the expression wireframe.

Although, if you look at it, this term means an optically improved model, in which they’re already exists a design prototype that we need.

Among other things, wireframes are known for their ability to simulate a dynamic interface. The form and intended behavior of the user can and should be tested and optimized. It is used both for the internal development process in the agency and for interaction with users.

The value of structure in information

To understand the meaning of the phrase “framework in software development” it is necessary to understand the significant part of information architecture.

The location of the various elements determines the activity and understanding of the information by the user located on the resource. So, the navigation button is always located on the left and at the top.

The most relevant information is usually at the top. It must be in the wildest area, where every user can view it without any problems.

If for some reason, developers do not follow these patterns, users are often annoyed when working with the resource, and sometimes even difficult to use.

That is why, when creating various products in this area, the problem arises of the need to combine templates with the uniqueness of the resource itself.

It alone is easily solved thanks to the framework. Such a design can qualitatively find errors in the structure and the information provided. This form subsequently becomes the basis for a unique design.

How do we arrive at the frame?

The final concept that the customer wants is created by the agency only after a briefing, and sometimes after several briefings. One of the elements you need is a wireframe. The technical capabilities themselves are diverse.

Now it makes no sense to pay attention to the details in the field of aesthetics since we will only discuss the issue of determining the location of components – navigation, tact, graphs, and so on. In total, we will get that the planned elements appear before us in the form of shapes, lines, and various implicit texts.

Why do you need this additional stage in your work?

You can create a website or software within the framework, which is discussed in this article. Applying the design in practice will be possible only after a logical form has been formed. All this is subsequently easily curried in the future.

Mobile devices are constantly evolving. Each of them has its format. It is another problem for design. More important is the stage at which it is easy to simulate various scenarios, which is one of the most important stages in the entire development process.

What can you use to create a wireframe and how to use it correctly?

  1. Pen and paper. For the initial design stage, it is good to use templates drawn on paper. Then you need to download them to your iPad and iPhone. Then you can start developing wireframes.
  2. Moсkplas. This program is one of the most advanced wireframe resources available. It will do any layout. Moreover, you can use it without programming skills.
  3. POP: Prototyping on Paper. You can use this application to turn the drawn wireframes into layouts.

Thus, we can say that the framework is necessary for the creation of software. If you use all of the above tools correctly, you will spend less and get more money.

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