What Is Gravatar? Why You Should Start Using 2023

Often you havecommented onablog (such as you would after reading this article), it usually displays a gray icon next to your name. Here is agravatar! In this case, it will only be an anonymousgravatar.

What is Gravatar? Why You Should Start Using 2020
What is Gravatar? Why You Should Start Using 2020

But first of all… What is Gravatar?

I want to explain a topic before I start.Youmust have heard about the mention ofAvatar.
Gravatarandavatar arenot exactly the same thing, let’s state that they are different, although the concept connecting the two is similar.

Avatar is a graphic presentation that a user uses because he wants to be identified, and this can be an image, a photo or an icon. In fact, the purpose of theavataris to ensure that the user is fully recognized on ablog, forum and similar platforms.

Often you need to be a member of the website, which is decided tocommentin order to get anavatar. But “blogging ” is developing.

Most sites no longer require membership to facilitate and speed upcomments and interaction. Accordingly, we oftencommentand do not have an avatar among all of the reviewers that makes us recognizable.

So what happens in this situation? This is exactly what happens: we make our comments anonymously. Especially those who frequentlycomment onthis site will not recognize us in our nextcomment.

It is also easier to recognize a number of images instead of remembering someone’s name! To overcome this problem, you need to create agravatar, when you interact with other users, the same icon will appear and you can easily identify who you are.

The expansion ofGravataris Globally Recognized Avatar, a world-renownedavatar.
In other words, after creating your personal avatar, everygravatarwill follow you in your comments on platforms that support it.

What are the benefits?

If you want to be in the foreground or in mind, we recommend creating agravatar now. If you have a business, you’re creating a brand or a professional blogger, you have to start thinking seriously to create one.

Over time, people will remember you and get their attention bycommentingon various sites , so they will most likely come to visit your site.

This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and become well known!

How can I create a Gravatar?

Creating Gravatar is very simple and completely free.

Just go toGravatar.comsite, enter your e-mail address and choose your preferred avatar, it can be a logo, a picture or an icon.


In this article, we showed a strategy to gain more visibility among people in the community you interact with.

If you have any suggestions, questions or just want to show us your avatar, feel free to leave a comment.

Note: If yourthemedoes not supportGravatar, I recommend that you get it right away. You can download theWP-Gravatar plugin here.

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