What is It Like Being a Relationship Manager in Singapore?

The role of a relationship manager is an important one. They act as the bridge between their company and the customers; they possess both technical knowledge and customer service skills, which means that they are required to possess excellent communication skills.

What is It Like Being a Relationship Manager in Singapore?

Aspiring RM’s should be able to adapt to situations quickly and be able to solve issues, as well as maintain positive relationships with their team members and customers.

What is It Like Being a Relationship Manager
What is It Like Being a Relationship Manager

Typically, relationship managers are required to manage customer accounts through communication via phone calls, emails, or live chat sessions.

Relationship managers are expected to remain flexible in their work hours – they may also need to supplement team communication efforts by participating in conferences conducted online or in person.

What skills are important to become a successful Relationship Manager?

Aspiring RM’s should possess excellent communication, interpersonal and team-working skills. They must also be able to demonstrate deep technical knowledge of their company product range, which means that it is often required that they undergo training before promotion into the role.

Alternatively, they might start off as a customer service officer and be promoted to RM after gaining the appropriate experience.

They should possess an analytical mind; this means that they should not only understand how their company product can benefit customers but also know where their products stand in the market – the relationship manager must always give recommendations and advice with a clear understanding of what they’re talking about.

What kind of training and experience would be good to have before becoming a Relationship Manager?

Typically, companies will expect their RM recruits to possess at least a Diploma qualification; an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration (ADBA) is preferred by some employers.

Aspiring relationship managers can also consider taking relevant training courses from external institutions, such as those provided to financial services professionals.

The amount of experience required varies from company to company. Some companies may be content with a candidate who possesses just a Diploma qualification and relevant work experience, while others may require candidates to possess at least 2 years postgraduate experience before being considered for the role.

What are the salary packages offered for Relationship Managers?

Salary packages typically consist of basic monthly pay, plus commissions based on customer performance.

Basic salaries can range from SGD 2,500 – 8,000 per month, while average commissions earned by RM’s are between 10%, to as high as 3% of turnover generated by customer contracts.

What are the typical working hours for a Relationship Manager?

Typically, relationship managers work office hours; however, they may be required to be flexible with their schedules in order to accommodate team meetings or conferences.

RM’s should also be prepared to put in overtime when necessary. There is no typical amount of overtime done by RM’s, as it varies from situation to situation.

How many holidays are given to Relationship Managers?

Typically, companies provide their relationship managers with one day off per week. However, they are entitled to more days of annual leave if they have worked 2 years or more at the company.

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