What Is Microsoft Edge Used For?

Out of the many internet browsers out there, Microsoft Edge is gaining popularity by the day. When compared to its competitors like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, it emerges as a leader in performance and design.

What Is Microsoft Edge Used For?
What Is Microsoft Edge Used For?

Since this browser comes preinstalled on all Windows devices, do yourself a favor and learn about its usefulness. Once you give it a try, you might even find that you prefer it to the rest.

What Can You Do in Microsoft Edge?

Web browsing has come a long way since it became a thing in 1990. Today, you can do so many things in a browser aside from the obvious act of finding out information.

If you have Microsoft Edge on your computer, you might be wondering what it’s used for. Here are some ways to utilize it to its full potential.

Gain Information

This is the most obvious use of Microsoft Edge and probably what you’ll be doing the most on a browser. Before the dawn of the internet, you had to do all your research through books at the library.

These days, we have search engines. Simply type out what you’re interested in, and you have thousands of results.

Stream Sound and Videos

You can listen to podcasts and music, as well as watch pretty much anything in your Edge browser. There are many websites where you can do this for free or with a subscription, like Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, or Spotify.

It’s also possible to listen to a radio channel from a country on the other side of the world. Edge is your one-stop center for entertainment.

Play Games

If you are looking for something to fill your time, try playing an online game. You can go for classics like chess, solitaire, or mahjong.

In Edge, you can even play online casino games with actual money. With Javascript, everything runs smoothly, and you get to experience all the bells and whistles. Before that, make sure to enable Javascript in Microsoft Edge.

Create and Modify Documents and Spreadsheets

You no longer need a separate program to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. There are many free office suites that you can use directly on Microsoft Edge, like Google Docs or Zoho Docs.

Many of these automatically save your work, so you are sure not to lose anything if the power trips.


Everyone has an email account these days, and if you don’t have one yet, simply register for a free account. An account from well-established companies like Yahoo and Google will give you ample space. You’ll be able to send and receive emails from anywhere, directly in your Edge browser.

Store and Share Files

Are you a parent with lots of photos of your little angels? Share them with loved ones on websites like Google Photos and Flickr. You can also store soft copies of important documents on shared drives.

This means that you no longer have to depend on external hard disks or thumb drives that might break down.

Buy and Sell Anything

Save a trip to the mall and buy all your necessities online. You’ll get your packages right at your doorstep. Some companies like Amazon even offer the convenience of overnight shipping and free returns. That’s pretty hard to beat.

If you have a garage full of collectibles and would like to earn some money by selling them, try a website like eBay. That will certainly make the time you spend with Microsoft Edge worthwhile.

Visit Far Away Places

You do not need to book a plane ticket to visit the Louvre or the pyramids. There are many interactive 3D tours you can take, which put you right there for free. Check out animal safaris or experience a trip to the moon – Microsoft Edge can be your window to the world.

A Program With a Million Uses

Microsoft Edge is one single program, but with a million uses. It’s a great piece of code that gives you endless entertainment and functionality from all corners of the modern internet.

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