What is Ppv Sky? How Do I Open An Account?

Sky is anPay TVborn from the union ofdigital Tele + and Stream TV.Initially it was possible to see its contents by installing a dish, but today it is enough to have a decoder with an activated smart card or a set-top box.

What is Ppv Sky? How Do I Open An Account?
What is Ppv Sky? How Do I Open An Account?

What is Ppv Sky? How Do I Open An Account?

The company offers its customers the possibility of subscribing to a monthly subscription by customizing the services they wish to watch or by choosing from the combinations of the various packages available, and the purchase of individual products by activating the Ppv“pay per view” service.Let’s find out what this service offers and how you can open an account.

What is SKY?

Sky, as anticipated, is a satellite television service that entered the market in 2003, consolidating itself in England, Germany and Italy.

Today it represents the main Pay TV with a huge number of active subscribers. The service is based on the transmission of the video signal via satellite dish or Internet connection.

The Sky subscription is made by signing a contract with the choice of packages to be activated. The Sky TV package is the only one mandatory while all the others are optional. The offer is divided into:

  • smart: which provides for an 18-month constraint, with a lower cost than the other available offer;
  • open: it is a more flexible offer, with a higher cost that includes documentaries, HD,Sky Go Plus.

How to make a SKY account?

Creating a Sky account is simple. Just go to the official website to be redirected to the registration portal. You can log in whenever you want to see Sky but only after completing the registration.

If you are not registered, you will be prompted to enter your email address and to choose a password that is difficult to guess.

If you have more than one email address, the advice is to choose the address you use regularly in order to always be updated on offers. At this point check the box“I am not a robot”and click on the“continue” button.

You will be asked for additional personal information, such as the payment method you intend to use to access and take advantage of the offers.

As for access, you will need to enter the email you wrote during registration and the password you chose from time to time.

Offers and purchase proposals

Unfortunately, once you have created your account, you will not have access to your services. Among the Sky offers you can choosesports, entertainment, cinemaand much more. In this case, you can take a look at the variouspackages such as the Cinema + Football combo.

Each package has its own price and a validity period that you choose according to your needs. The cost of the packages varies from a minimum of € 19.90 per month up to a maximum of € 45.00. On the other hand, personalized offers start from a minimum of 14.90 euros.

Periodically you can use discounts and promotions that the company offers to its customers with a validity of 18 months for the entire duration of the package. Much appreciated by users isthe Sky + Wi-Fi optionwhose costs are higher but include a few gigabytes of internet.

PPV what does this service offer?

Sky offers its users two ways of using the contents in the form of subscription and Ppv or“pay per view”.Ppv is a more limited content release method that allows you to view a single television program or an established set of programs, without having to purchase an entire package or sign up for a subscription.

The subscription to Sky satellite consists in the purchase of a TV package that consists of various channels that can be viewed for a predetermined period of time.

The user can choose from a series of offers according to their tastes and spending budget, and possibly build their own customized package.

Usually the most chosen themes are football, cinema and sport which can also be combined with each other.

The subscription does not exclude the possibility of purchasing single “pay per view” contentssuch as preview films or sports competitions,which are not included in the package.

If you want to watch a large number of matches, it will undoubtedly be worth buying a subscription package rather than individual matches because the overall costs will be lower.

The“pay per view”is very convenient for all those who wish to watch a small number of contents paying only for what they really intend to see. The purchase can usually be made via TV, SMS, telephone or on the web.

Sky offers“Sky Primafila”customers a service that allows them to individually purchase film previews and sporting events that will be charged to their subscription or to theSmart card top-up cards.

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