What Is The Extended Essay?

The Extended Essay (EE) is an independent piece that IB students have to complete. It has a 4000 words limit. The Extended Essay is a research essay that focuses on one or several specific topics.

What Is The Extended Essay?
What Is The Extended Essay?

What Is The Extended Essay?

It must relate to at least one of the subjects it studies. We asked IB extended essay writing service writers to answer some frequently asked questions.

What is the EE score?

The Extended Essay is combined with the T.O.K. The Extended Essay is combined with the T.O.K. However, the EE or TOK are more difficult.

The maximum IB score is 45. Out of those 45 points, 42 is the maximum subject part (6 subjects). The remaining 3 are combined from the EE (42 subjects + 3 TOKs and EE = 45 maximum IB score).

Where’s the complexity?

The EE, as such, is a paper that can be scored with a maximum 34 score. The individual mark is then transferred to a letter grade. After adding it to your TOK grade, it will become the equivalence. This is the maximum IB can give.

These are the 3 most important points.

Let’s say an IB student got 36 marks without having to complete the papers. This is acceptable, considering that 42 is the maximum mark. However, if you add in EE and TOK it would reach 39. These points are crucial especially when you have crossed “the barrier of 35”.

How can they make a big difference? These three points make a big difference and are vital for students to be successful and be able to go to top universities. In other words, it can make the difference between getting into top universities or not.

The student should not devote too much time to the monograph if they want to pass or get an average grade. If you have high grades or expectations, then yes. To get the 3 extra points, you need to dedicate a lot to your goal to go to a higher-ranked university.

How long does it take for an EE to be completed?

IB claims that it takes 40 hours. But, what is the real reality? We have found that it takes twice as long to complete, at 80h and 120h, depending upon the type of work, difficulty, subject, etc.

Why is it so slow? This work is comparable in difficulty to TFG or TFM work. Therefore, it is of similar quality to them. Students should be organized in the way they complete their work. They should be very productive.

It is not a typical job. However, it is very difficult and heavy. Because it has such a defined structure and steps, it can take so long. The IA can usually be completed in a couple of days, or even a single weekend with a lot more luck. But the EE is almost impossible.

How many reviews you should take from the teacher?

Extended Essay is a complex task and requires constant support from the IB school. Most schools and teachers offer only a general recommendation and introduction. IB requires continuous monitoring and support with many revisions.

Although 3.5 hours of supervision is recommended, with a minimum of three mandatory sessions, in practice, the supervisors never meet with the student more than three times per year.

They are also not informed about the topic and do not meet. This leads to miscommunications, and students skip the rules in the guide they need to read (which we will explain in the next point).

Guidelines for Extended Essays

There is an official guide. It is a guide that helps you to organize and follow the rules for your Extended Essay. This guide covers how to complete this work. It is approximately 120 pages in length.

Theoretically, students need to know what it says. Schools should give a presentation on it so each student is fully aware of what they are doing. The study guide is split into two parts.

  1. General regulation sector. These rules explain the fundamental style and presentation principles of the work. As they do not allow for options, these rules must always be adhered to
  2. Specific regulations by subject. You will find here the rules applicable to each subject. These include examples of assignments and questions, the selection of topics, the clarification of assessment criteria for each subject, as well as what to pay attention to. The regulations also describe the type of work required.

Schools only give general regulations. These general regulations are not the only thing we provide.

What topics are covered most often?

There are three choices: either choose one subject, two subjects that are intertwined, or do so-called World studies. World studies is an interdisciplinary project that brings together many subjects with its own system.

They are often close to one particular subject and branch. No matter what subject it may be, the Extended Essay requires knowledge at the university level.

This is advantageous because students won’t have to learn this type of work in their degree but will be able to do it prior to graduation thanks to the IB. The IB has organized the subjects into different groups or branches.

  • Group 1: Studies in Literature and Language
  • Group 2: Language Acquisition
  • Group 3: Individuals and Societies
  • Group 4: Sciences
  • Group 5: Mathematics
  • Group 6: The Arts

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