What To Do To Avoid Getting A Swipe Left In The Dating App

There are plenty of dating sites. There are so many profiles on them that one can’t count. A profitable field for psychologists in terms of professional development and psychological portrayal.

What to Do to Avoid Getting a Swipe Left in the Dating App
What to Do to Avoid Getting a Swipe Left in the Dating App

What to Do to Avoid Getting a Swipe Left in the Dating App

Of course, this did not go unnoticed, and psychology experts have identified one interesting detail: mistakes in the profile description lead to a poor ranking of a profile.

What Spoils the Profile

Surely, users of a dating site such as Ladadate are wondering why the profiles of truly beautiful people are at the bottom, and the profiles of ordinary ones are at the top. It’s all about describing your personality. Experts have identified the key phrases leading to failure:

  • An indication of height. It would seem to be a very common nuance that interests many people. But it turns out that height doesn’t matter to most potential partners. Moreover, this information can even repel since imaginary hangups sometimes greatly confuse interest.
  • A call to adventure. People have enough adrenaline even without this call. Such a phrase in the status or message will make people doubt the seriousness of your intentions. Most likely, the opposite opinion will be formed, speaking of open relationships.
  • Accidental like. Such an explanation of your like can seriously offend. People hope that they are really interesting for you and then “Oops, it was by accident!”.

Choice of Pictures

Choice of Pictures

Psychologists mentioned that in addition to the description, the picture also plays an important role. Home photos in your kitchen with a cup of tea or the composition “I am among sunflowers” will put down the profile to the bottom of the site.

You need to take a portrait picture that will clearly show the face of the profile owner. You can address the help of professionals who will be able to edit the photo.

Pictures of Food Can Help You Find Love

Researchers from Zoosk analyzed a record amount of information — 3,733,185 dating profiles and 364,609,566 first messages that users send to each other.

The goal of the scientists was to find out how food and phrases related to food increase the chance of success in online dating. Researchers also directly surveyed more than 7,000 singles on the subject of how food and dating are connected in their lives.

The Most Attractive Food

It turned out that not only the mention of food but also specific types of products influence the ability to find an interesting interlocutor. Here are the products that, according to the results of the study, can help you find love:

  • Guacamole — increases the chances of success by 144 %;
  • Potatoes — 101 %;
  • Chocolate — 100%;
  • Salad — 97%;
  • Sushi — 93%;
  • Avocado — 91%.

What to Do to Avoid Getting a Swipe Left in the Dating App

Being a Gourmet Means Getting Acquainted Faster

Scientists are convinced of one thing: all people love to eat and therefore the mention of a delicious dish significantly increases the chances of dating. And even just mentioning that a user considers himself a gourmet increases the number of incoming messages by 82%.

To sum up, we can only say one thing: you need to create a profile responsibly. Then the account will arouse genuine interest.

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