Where to Find An Offshore Development Team For a Project? Different Ways.

You decided to do a startup, survived the first two stages of its life cycle (link) and are now at the prototyping stage (or MVP – minimum viable product)?

Where to Find An Offshore Development Team For a Project

Where to Find An Offshore Development Team For a Project? Different Ways.

Then now is the time to expand your offshore team on the technical side. And in this article I’ll tell you where to find programmers.

And before you search for a team for your project don’t forget to specify exactly who you need (a designer, a web-developer – which one?, a mobile-developer – which one? And so on).

1. Let’s go over the most simple and banal – friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends.

The initial stage of development involves prototyping, for which you don’t need a large team, you just need 2-5 developers. Then you can contact your friends and relatives to see if they have anyone you can think of.

Or maybe your nephew has been involved in Android-development for a couple of years, and has already managed to learn something useful.

Tell them your idea without any details: what you have already done, what else is needed, what role developers will play in this process.

If you are not a sociopath and misanthrope (then what are you doing in the niche of entrepreneurship?), you will definitely find a couple of developers at your startup via everyone’s favorite FFF (family, friends, fools).

2. If the first point does not work, you go surfing the web.

There are a lot of sites where you can find programmers willing to work on a cool project, even for a small fee.

You can also go to an agency that will help you find offshore dedicated development team, look at their website, reviews, completed jobs. All of this is very important.

Employees have been found, which means that it’s time to choose the best one among them. Here are some questions to ask, besides the standard ones, of course, in order to “sift out” and keep only the best ones.

  • What sites, blogs or books do you read?
  • What your previous employer would say about your strengths and weaknesses?
  • In the event of a technical difficulty that is beyond your capabilities, who would you turn to?
  • What time management principles do you know and follow?
  • What do you expect from my project?

Based on the answers, meticulously choose only the best candidates. Try to meet with the developer in person before hiring, if you’ve only communicated online before. Oh, and don’t be a cheapskate for a good salary.

Of course, you, as they inspire of the startup, are firmly convinced that your project is going to change the world, and it will be worth working there at least for that.

But no matter how interesting the idea is, remember that people need a market salary. If developers believed that one idea could make millions, they would become a funder themselves.

3. Finally, the most desperate option – students

If you still can’t find a developer, your direct route is universities, job fairs, and student websites. Yes, not everyone wants to work with students, but they are literally the gold mine of programming. As rude as it sounds, they are.

Most of them already know how to do cool stuff, but at the same time, they go to work for unstable wages at project with great pleasure and burning eyes.

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