Which Data Backup Solution Suits You? A Quick Test

Having an efficient data backup solution is the best decision you can make as a business owner. Today, most organizations are operating in the digital space; thus, translating to large amounts of data. With the rise of data insecurity, cybercriminals are getting more skilled in infiltrating and hacking systems globally.

Which Data Backup Solution Suits You? A Quick Test
Which Data Backup Solution Suits You? A Quick Test

Which Data Backup Solution Suits You? A Quick Test

On the other hand, malware and virus attacks are attacking more corporations causing an immense loss for numerous companies. Moreover, you can encounter other external attacks, such as natural disasters or human errors.

Whatever the case, you need to implement an efficient data backup solution for your business. You can try Microsoft 365 backup with advanced features that will help you cushion you from data loss..

Finding a perfect backup solution customized to meet your business needs is critical in ensuring efficient service delivery. Below are solutions you can consider when you want to select a data backup and restoration plan.


If you are a small business owner, Acronis will suit your backup objectives since it offers numerous options. You can opt to backup data on-site or in applications connected to cloud servers online.

It offers users comprehensive reports that display system failures and achievements at given endpoints. You can easily detect any issue and troubleshoot for modifications.

Acronis is an all-inclusive solution comprising of physical backups, virtual systems, and cloud services. You can also manage stored files, share, and operate your system efficiently. The products are easy to use and safe for all data types. However, it is not suitable for large organizations.


For users looking for an efficient backup solution with an off-site storage location, Rubrik will provide more than just a backup approach. It allows you to manage your data center by assembling all the relevant applications to analyze and ensure the systems operate without any external attacks.

Rubrik comprises a hybrid cloud solution that allows private and public clouds to work seamlessly as one entity. It also supports businesses operating under virtualized environments due to its high-speed network.

Organizations using Rubrik often recover lost data within seconds and continue business operations immediately. However, it is quite expensive for small and middle-sized businesses.


Today, most organizations prefer to converge the backup process to save on costs. Cohesity is an efficient solution that integrates numerous systems to function as one entity.

For instance, virtual machines, physical servers, and cloud storage services have seamless links that enable smooth system operations.

Cohesity offers users many API endpoints to allow users to backup and retrieve data with ease and convenience. You can also use it to compress and deduplicate data.

Most users prefer to use Cohesity because of its simplicity and user-friendliness. Also, it has many restoration points in case of data loss through external threats. You can opt to recover specific data using a file or a folder, depending on whether you want full or partial data recovery.


It comprises Microsoft’s Office 365 technology that offers cloud services to users with large amounts of data. Commvault moves sites across cloud systems and offers point-in-time recovery solutions for databases, such as SQL.

Moreover, users can restore data independently without consulting system administrators. However, it functions efficiently with large organizations with fused data centers.

Ultimately, choosing the best backup solution depends on numerous factors. For instance, business objectives, technical expertise, recovery goals, budget, data risks, among other factors.

You need to carefully assess your business model, size, and data priority. Whether you need on-site or off-site data storage, ensure that the solution is tailored to meet your data backup and recovery goals.

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