Why Do More Eastern Developers Need to Break Into the Global Market?

From the beginning of the 2000s, the video game market started its rapid growth, which still gains momentum nowadays. Thousands of companies, including game studios and software/hardware developers, were bringing their products to this niche, attracting more players worldwide.

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The perspective of the global market for Eastern developers

But if we wanted to classify the most successful and influential video game companies by country, we would find that most of them come from a western region. But what is the reason for that? Let’s find that out by analyzing the global video game market.

Even a superficial look at the Eastern market will ensure any player that it has significant perspectives, regardless of the gaming platform. Let’s take mobile gaming, for example.

Any player that enjoys Last Pirate: Survival Island launched by Retro Style Games will find a Japanese company called Nexon, an exciting developer. They specialize in role-playing games, many of which have an engaging multiplayer system.

And there are many more interesting and successful Eastern video game development companies that have a real potential to break into the global market and become huge 3d game studio, but their time hasn’t come yet.

Why is it hard to enter a global market for an Eastern company?

Anybody who has ever played Eastern products should know that they are much different from games launched by any Western game developer. Their projects have distinct character designs, interfaces, and other gameplay elements.

So not every player that enjoys global market products can quickly switch to the games from an entirely different world of development. But why are Eastern games so different? Well, here are the few main reasons why it happens:

  1. Insufficient understanding of the global market. As it was mentioned, players are used to other types of games that differ a lot from Eastern products. Thus, if the company wants to get into a global market, it has to work on adapting to the preferences that the average player has and shaping its products in accordance with them.
  2. Cultural difference. Eastern culture is too far from people who live in Western society. And as we know, games can’t be separated from the culture; on the contrary, they carry their developer’s culture. And so, each Eastern game is initially harder to be perceived by the Western player than by the Eastern one.
  3. Lack of resources. Another apparent reason that stops local game studios from the East from breaking into the global market is insufficient budgets. Western players are used to playing games with huge budgets, where you can rarely find any bug or defect that can potentially turn them off. Unfortunately, not many Eastern companies have enough finances to launch a product that will meet the requirements of Western users.

But if you take each of the mentioned reasons, you will understand that Eastern companies can overcome them to reach a global market.

For example, such companies as Konami and FromSoftware are living proof of that. Each can be called a successful 3d game studio that produces projects that take over the world.

Even though their projects still feel like a product of the East, it has become their feature, distinguishing them from other projects on the market.

How can an Eastern game developer get into the global market?

An excellent way to integrate into another market is to partner with its known developers and publishers. Furthermore, such connections make it much easier to launch a project in a Western segment and don’t forget about high-quality localization.

One of the main pieces of advice that can be given to the Eastern game devs is to set their aim on the quality of their product rather than quantity. This strategy will make it possible to develop a remarkable product capable of bringing enough attention to them to get into the global market.

As a result, even more, Eastern game development companies will leave their mark in the global gaming industry by creating unique gaming products worth the attention.

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