Why Do You Need Virtual Phone Numbers?

A virtual telephone number is one of the key services of modern IP telephony. In simple terms, this is an ordinary phone number with a large number of additional benefits. About the features of the virtual number and the scope of its application today and will be discussed in our article.

Why Do You NEeed Virtual Phone Numbers?
Why Do You NEeed Virtual Phone Numbers?

A virtual number is connected as a separate service or together with a virtual PBX. We want to note right away that in the second case, the number of possibilities of a virtual number increases several times. Now about these features – in more detail.

Ordinary people use virtual numbers for registrations on various resources. Everyone is familiar with the situation when, after registration, numerous mailing lists begin to attack you. You can avoid this by using a virtual number for SMS. In principle, they do not accept advertising and spam mailings.

Companies and firms use these numbers to receive SMS for organizing corporate work, as well as for advertising campaigns, technical support, communication with customers.

As practice shows, paying for a virtual number, instead of a regular mobile number, allows you to cut costs by half. This is a great way to keep costs down, especially if you frequently text or call clients in another country.

Examples of Using Virtual Numbers

Virtual numbers solve a large number of business tasks, ranging from fast telephonization of a business to market analysis and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Entering New Markets

If the company plans to enter a new market, for example, to open a representative office in London, you can connect a phone number, create a virtual office, and pre-evaluate the demand for the goods or services provided in the capital.

Thus, the phone not only helps to analyze the possibility and expediency of entering a new market, but also to remotely find customers and form a base of regular loyal customers.

Organization of Remote Workplaces

A corporate virtual number can be a single number for all company employees, even if they work outside the office. Forwarding scenario and smart routing is configured individually in each case.

Companies choose virtual numbers depending on their goals. Fortunately, today the market has a large selection of virtual numbers: foreign, mobile, federal.

They differ in connection cost and monthly subscription fee. The functionality of a virtual number varies depending on the PBX they are paired with.

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