Why Should You Buy Huawei Freebuds Studio?

The Huawei FreeBuds Studio is the 1st over-ear headphones from a famous Chinese company. They propose superior sound with High-Res Audio, fantabulous noise cancellation, and progressive communication technology. huawei freeBuds Studio price at Amazon for the US is almost $322.77

Why Should You Buy Huawei Freebuds Studio?
Why Should You Buy Huawei Freebuds Studio?

Why Should You Buy Huawei Freebuds Studio?

Workmanship and Ergonomics:

The Huawei FreeBuds Studio headphones have a basic design and are accessible in Graphite Black and Blush Gold. It is created of a blend of aluminum, fictile, and artificial leather is light and converts with a gentle but careful contact pressure.

The synthetic leather getting across on the external headband does not set in well, both visually and tactually, and seems lower quality.

As is applies to the headphone’s fictile ear cups, which are flawlessly manufactured but do not bring a first-class impression.

A fictile case with a shallow structure that simulates the aspect of leather is enclosed. It is dealt with a delicate fabric on the interior, and there is a magnetically closed down compartment where the charging wire can be put in.

Features and Operation:

The Huawei FreeBuds Studio is publicized with High-Resolution sound. In reality, the Bluetooth headphones support L2HC (equal to 960 kBit/s), which is a sound codec that creates this possibility.

At the time of the examination, there was just one player that backed up this and could allow the FreeBuds Studio with the comparable material: the Mate 40 Pro. All others accept to drop off on the standard SBC encoding.

The headphones do not accept a jack, and the USB-C port is just utilized for charging.

Voice Quality:

We like the sound quality of the Huawei FreeBuds Studio in calm environments as it records its wearer distinctly and naturally.

Even so, ambient noise is as well called for, and the noise crushing of the microphones is just primary. Loud noise is dampened, but this is as well at the disbursal of the wearer’s voice.


The 2 active 40 mm drivers of the Huawei FreeBuds Studio can procreate a whole frequency range between 4 and 48,000 Hz and assure a vast sound stage with a lot of precision in the loud field.

All the same, given the proposed specs, we would have anticipated a more advanced width in the representation, a lot of depth, and the best precision in reproducing the sound.


Huawei’s FreeBuds Studio can win over with a high wearing consolation and adjustive, active noise cancelling in the examination.

The last-mentioned suppresses noise dependably, and the headphones’ low background noise makes them appropriate for blocking noise without inevitably playing media.

The audio of the FreeBuds is as well quite artistic, but even as the High-Res codec is available, we experience that the sound stage is as well cramped, and the headphones can’t live up to their High-Res sound promise.

Consequently, it is a ruth that most players can use SBC, but the hearable difference is minimal with the FreeBuds Studio.

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