Do You Know Why Your Disney Plus is Not Working?

Why Your Disney Plus is Not Working: Are you trying to watch Disney Plus but getting errors that are stopping you from accessing your favorite shows? The annoying bits that come up as an obstacle to your streaming journey can easily be eliminated.

Do You Know Why Your Disney Plus is Not Working?
Do You Know Why Your Disney Plus is Not Working?

Do You Know Why Your Disney Plus is Not Working?

If you are wondering why is Disney Plus not working, then you are at the right place as we have discussed the Disney Plus errors and their fixes in this blog.

The most common Disney Plus errors along with their solutions are listed as follows:

Internet Issue:

At times, you may see error messages like “We’re sorry, but we cannot play the video you requested. Please try again. If the problem persists, visit the Disney+ Help Center (Error Code xx).

In this case, you need to check your internet as these kinds of errors are related to networking issues.

You may try checking your internet speed if it’s fast enough to stream Disney Plus shows and movies, try relocating your wifi router, or switch to a wired connection for a stable connection.

Payment Issues:

If you ever see an Error 4 or an Error 9, it would indicate a payment issue. Disney Plus Error 4 represents a security code issue. It may mean that the security code that you have entered for the Disney Plus subscription is not valid.

Check your card for the code, and match it with the one entered while subscribing. If they don’t match, then type in the correct code.

An Error Code 9 indicates that you have logged out of all the devices. You will be required to log in again with your credentials. It may also mean that the payment information that you have entered is not valid or cannot be processed.

Similarly, Error codes 32 and 87 indicate a login issue which can be solved by updating the billing details and/or resetting your account’s password.

VPN issue:

Disney Plus is a geo-restricted service that is only available in selective countries, and you might have come across the error as shown in the below attached image. You may also get this error if you are using a free VPN or even a paid VPN with weak servers and security protocols.

To bypass this error, you will need a premium VPN to unblock Disney Plus. If you are already using a good VPN then try switching its servers in the same region.

Rights Management Code Error:

Error code 39, or a rights management error, appears when you don’t have a secure connection. It may also indicate issues with your HDMI cable, which blocks an HDMI handshake. The code often appears while using an Xbox One.

To bypass this error code, you may try reloading the video, try changing your HDMI cable, or using a different HDMI port. You may also try restarting the Disney Plus application or your device. If all the methods fail, then the last solution is to reset your device, which will knock this error away.

Traffic Overload:

Error 41 and 76 mean that there is a traffic overload. Error 41 appears when too many people are trying to watch a TV show or a movie, and error 76 occurs when there is overloading on the server. Wait for a few moments, refresh the page and try accessing the content then to bypass this error.

Other Errors:

There are a few more errors that arise while streaming Disney Plus. It could be an error 38, which indicates a date and time issue, which can quickly be resolved by changing your date and time settings to automatic. Or, it can be an error 13, which appears when you have reached a device limit.

We have tried to encapsulate all of the common Disney Plus errors, along with their easy solutions, in this blog. You can bypass the errors with this guide’s help and enjoy streaming your favorite shows on Disney Plus without any hassle.

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