Winaero | Add Hidden Features And Customize Windows

Winaero | Add Hidden Features and Customize Windows

Winaero Tweaker

But if we wanted to customize it in every aspect, with options not present by default? We thinkWinaero Tweaker!

Customize Windows

Winaeroallows you to change many aspects of Windows in a simple way, all forfreeand without various advertising or spam that we find in many other programs.

There are so many options that we can’t see them all, so we’ll focus on the main ones.

First let’s analyze the graphic interface just opened:

We find two main elements:

  • LEFT COLUMN:With all the options ranging from theApparancecategory to the last one, which you can find by scrolling,get classic app.
  • RIGHT COLUMN: Here we find the options to modify, this is the main part where to juggle to modify Windows to our liking.

Main customizations

Winaero not only allows customizations on a graphic level, but thanks to it we can also modify other aspects of Windows.

Here are some examples of the main customizations:

  • Change font
  • Windows advertising removal
  • Disable automatic driver update
  • USB protection mode, avoiding any modification
  • Change power on Windows
  • Disable lockscreen
  • Added options to menus (eg Bluetooth, create files in other formats, etc.)
  • Disable Windows Defender
  • Disable Cortana

Another function, which I think is one of the best, is the last one in the left columnGet Classic Apps.

This feature allows us to restore old applications that have been removed with Windows updates, such as Windows photo, Windows 7 gadgets and more!

Does it seem difficult to find the function you are looking for in this infinite number of options? In the top left column, you can use thesearch function.

Cancel the changes

Are you afraid of combining some problems by going to change Windows? You can fix it easily!

In Winaero it is possible to easily reset any activated option, just do this:

  1. Click on top left onfile.
  2. In the menu that appears clickreset all tweaks.
  3. A screen will open where you can cancel the previously activated options.

Backup and restore

If you want to save a certain configuration, to export it to another computer or because you need to restore yours, you can make a backup and then restore it so you don’t lose anything.

To make abackup:

  1. Click above ontools
  2. Then onimport / export tweaks
  3. Then click onexportto back up

For therestoration itis practically the same only that in step 3 you will have to click onimport.

Compatibility and weight Winaero

Do you think installing this program is too much for the computer?

Instead it is just the opposite, with Winaero you can disable all those functions that slow down your PC, such as Cortana that remains running perpetually in the background.

Furthermore the weight of the software is just over 2MB!

The official support is for Windows versions 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Download Winaero Tweaks free

You can download the program for free by clicking on the banner below:

Download Winaero

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