Working in Blockchain | Top Crypto-Related Jobs

The cryptocurrency industry is in constant growth. The value of top coins is continuously increasing over time, opening opportunities for making profits to millions of investors around the world.

Consequently, high-performance trading platforms such as Bitlevex have emerged, offering users various financial instruments that involve cryptocurrencies.

Working in Blockchain | Top Crypto-Related Jobs
Working in Blockchain | Top Crypto-Related Jobs

Working in Blockchain | Top Crypto-Related Jobs

However, this growth is also paired with increased demand for cryptocurrency jobs. During cryptocurrency bull-runs like we are currently experiencing, the job market in this ecosystem literally explodes.

It’s the best opportunity for many individuals to seek a career in blockchain and actively participate in this world-changing ecosystem.

In this article, we depict some of the advantages of working in the crypto industry. Additionally, we list some of the different niches available. And finally, we will provide you with a list of websites where you can start looking for a crypto-related job right away.

Why work in blockchain?

While the most widespread use case of blockchain is cryptocurrencies, this technology is slowly penetrating almost every industry available. Blockchain is now present in logistics, gaming, entertainment, healthcare, pharmacy, and real estate, only to name a few.

Consequently, the selection of different jobs in blockchain is constantly increasing. This provides almost anyone interested in this technology an opportunity to actively participate in it.

And because it’s such an innovative niche, the blockchain industry offers workers some incredible advantages over the traditional job market:

  • Remote work – most crypto jobs allow you to work remotely from home or from a co-working space. This is becoming the preferred method of work of many millennials and Gen Z job seekers, as it’s more cost-effective and avoids commuting.
  • Get paid in crypto – if you are a fervent believer in cryptocurrencies, getting paid directly in crypto can be a great advantage. Your salary can act as an investment, as strong coins such as Bitcoin have shown to only increase in value in the long term.
  • Wide selection of jobs – the blockchain industry isn’t exclusively reserved for developers. Various industries are hiring for various positions, as seen in our article below.
  • Great future opportunity – crypto startups are destined for growth. If you are lucky enough, you might get to work for the future Coinbase or Binance.

Best blockchain jobs

So, what are the best jobs in blockchain right now? Let’s have a look at some of the possibilities open on the market.

Blockchain developer

Developers that specialize in languages such as Solidity (ethereum) are in high demand all of the time. Blockchains require programmers for maintaining and upgrading existing networks.

On the other hand, new projects in development will need developers to create new blockchain solutions that improve upon what is already on the market.


Like with any product, blockchain projects need to be marketed to reach their audience. Whether it’s a payment system that needs to go mainstream or an industry-specific solution, blockchain projects will need a full marketing team to spread the word about the project on the appropriate channels.

Content creators

In a fast-paced ecosystem such as cryptocurrencies, content creator jobs are always a good opportunity. Users are bombarded continuously with a stream of information and content creators are there to make all of this information easier to understand for investors.

Content is also a crucial part of marketing, as organic content brings increased engagement compared to sponsored content.

Game developers and designers

With the proliferation of blockchain-based games and NFTs, game developers can shift to blockchain quite easily. The success of games such as Axie Infinity has shown us that these games are far more than just a temporary fad but instead, a precursor of the increasingly popular play-to-earn gaming model.

Decentralized finances (DeFi) expert

DeFi is one of the pillars of the current bullish sentiment in the cryptocurrency markets. DeFi projects are in constant need of financial experts to shape their token economics and provide users with lucrative and sustainable financial models.

Where to look for crypto jobs

But where do you look for jobs in blockchain? Traditional job boards are still far from being filled with such offers. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of resources that should help you find work in the blockchain industry.

  • CryptoJobsList is a great resource for jobs in the blockchain industry. Many of the top players in the sector post job offerings here, including major crypto exchanges such as Okex, Huobi, and Circle.
  • jobs provide updated job offerings in the industry, with more than 2000 active openings at all times.
  • PompCryptoJobs is one of the best resources for crypto jobs panning across various niches such as engineering, marketing, finances, etc.


It’s undeniable that the blockchain industry is here to stay. As time goes by, more and more sectors are adopting blockchain, which creates new jobs for crypto enthusiasts. Hopefully, our article gave you a good general idea about crypto-related jobs and how to find work in this sector.

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