Simple Yet Effective Workouts For Shedding Christmas Fat

That time of year is almost upon us, the time when you are surrounded by the temptation to break your healthy eating habits as well as your workout routines.

Workouts For Shedding Christmas Fat
Workouts For Shedding Christmas Fat

Simple Yet Effective Workouts For Shedding Christmas Fat

A combination of unhealthy food, time away from work and a break in the usual routine is enough to disrupt even the most dedicated fitness fanatic.

Although many gyms are accommodating with maintaining their opening hours in the run-up to and throughout the Christmas period, it’s easy to lack the motivation to go out in the cold and get a workout in. Although not being able to or motivated to get to the gym shouldn’t limit your progress.

We have devised a simple yet effective workout routine you can complete without needing equipment to keep you on track.

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4 Steps To Christmas Fitness

This 20-minute full-body workout requires no equipment and is simple to follow. Switch between each exercise on the minute, every minute, for just 20 minutes.

Doing this once or twice a day will help you shred that Christmas fat and keep your fitness goals within sight.

Even Minutes – 10 Jump Squats

Take the classic squat and add an explosive element, and you’ve got a leg-busting exercise to kick things off.

Squat down, keeping your back straight until your thighs are parallel to the ground and your bum is level with your knees. Explode up into a jump and straight back down into the next squat.

…straight into 15 body-weight squats

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, crossing your arms by touching your shoulders with the opposite hands.

Sit back with your hips, bend your knees, go down as far as you can, and quickly reverse the movement back to the standing position. Make sure you keep that head up and back straight throughout.

Odd Minutes – 10 Plyo Pressups

Go into a standard press-up position, hands shoulder-width apart and back straight. Lower your chest down towards the ground until it’s almost touching. Push up explosively and clap your hands on the way up before going into the next one.

…into 15 mountain climbers

Setup on the floor as if you are in the blocks of a 100m sprint race, one foot positioned below your waist and the other back. Explosively swap those foot positions and return to the original setup. That’s one rep. Repeat.

With this simple workout, you can easily keep your fitness routine in check this Christmas period. If this is too easy, consider adding some weights or other equipment. Nike offers excellent options, and you can find some great promo codes for Nike online, so keep an eye out.

You can always make this part of your family Christmas celebrations and get the entire family involved in a group workout session.

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