How to Write a College Resume | Note to College Graduate

The most difficult task a student has to solve in order to write the correct resume is to correctly mention the desired position.

If you are just graduating from a university and starting your career, then it will not be effective to write in this column either a modest “intern” or “specialist” or a pretentious “leader”.

Write a College Resume
Write a College Resume

How to Write a College Resume | Note to College Graduate

It is best to choose the position of a junior specialist or assistant in the desired field, but the field of activity must be specified as precisely as possible so that the recruiter does not wonder who you want to be.

Then we think about the level of the first salary. It may be worth lowering claims by 10-20% – now it will be your competitive advantage. We will think about the increase in salary when weighty phrases appear in the “Experience” column of your resume. provides cheap resumes but high-quality resumes written by professional, certified, top uk custom writers.

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What should you write in the “Experience” section if you have just finished your studies and have no experience yet? No work experience? No, that wouldn’t be right either.

During your studies, you did an internship, or maybe more than one? Participated in volunteer activities? Did you earn some money? These are all your experiences and should not be underestimated. All this will interest the future employer.

In the Responsibilities and Achievements section, we will outline everything you remember using a simple formula:

  1. What did you do?
  2. How much?
  3. How long does it take?
  4. What is the result?

Be sure to talk about your education, additional courses and training that may be useful for work.

Another significant advantage for you is the professional knowledge and skills necessary for your future position. Here you need to offer the employer those of your competencies that will allow you to solve daily tasks. For a future lawyer, a sample of this part of the resume may look like this:

  • Knowledge of the reference and legal systems.
  • Experience in the Codex system.
  • Ability to work in MS Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint).
  • Ability to draw up legal documents, excellent knowledge of contract law.
  • Experience in working with people with a complex character.
  • Ability to ask the right questions to obtain the necessary information and identify or form the client’s position.
  • Knowledge of Chinese at the upper intermediate level.

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My resume will rock. Hiring me, the company highlights the success. That is how you are going to think once you apply for professional help. And confidence is very important especially when the thing is about your job, your future and good life.

Recruiters like confident people, they feel confidence and once you show yourself as a person who lacks confidence, who cannot sell oneself, you fail. Do not be weak, be strong and you will come to success!

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