Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader: Download Holiday Baking Championship Season 7

Indeed, your appetite to have a scrumptious site always makes you head in the right direction. And that is why you are here, aren’t you? I can truly understand your excitement and enthusiasm when it comes to cooking because eating food is satisfying and making one is way more stimulating.

Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader
Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader

Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader: Download Holiday Baking Championship Season 7

So, it’s time to stimulate yourself towards satisfaction. And when you are talking about cooking, baking, and making then what else would be best but the Holiday Baking Championship Season 7 to boost up your energy and endeavor for excellence in terms of cooking and baking.

So, before trying your hands-on in your cooking creativity you must go through the most fascinating as well as the inspiring world of this famous cooking reality show with its all episodes and season with the y2mate discovery plus downloader.

Here, you are going to get a very interesting input of the Holiday Baking Championship Season 7 to clinch the flavorful aroma of all episodes with the offline watch of download discovery plus.

Series Name…Holiday Baking Championship Season 7

  • Gener: Family, Reality-TV
  • Directed by: Matthew Bartley
  • Produced by: Geraldine Belafsky, Mike Kovacs, and others
  • Cast: Jesse Palmer, Nancy Fuller, Duff Goldman, and others


The basic plot of the show is real-time cooking. It is an American reality cookery show when the willing participant has taken part in the show and they are supposed to cook in front of the judges according to the given situation and instructions.

Obviously like any reality show, there is a winning price of a handsome amount. Since it is a cooking competition therefore there are multiple rounds of selection and elimination in the show.

All the contestants must follow the rules and regulations of the show but since it is a reality show therefore a lot of real-time drama and surprising elements are there for entertainment purposes.

Season 7: Episode by Episode

Episode 1

Host Jesse Palmer starts the show with 12 bakers and they have to start with decorated bread wreaths as a holiday special.

The host also reveals the new ranking style of a naughty and nice list of the challenges and if a contestant is on the naughty list then it will be revealed just like that. Now, to impress the judges the contestants have to make the winter hat cake in real-time.

Episode 2

Here, the 10 contestants have to make a holiday dessert with the highlighting ingredients of nut or seed and then the twist comes when they must determine the most essential holiday ingredient that needs to be used in the unreasonable dessert such as fruit cake or icebox cake.

Episode 3

Since the host is a big lover of both cookie and pie, he asked the nine contestants to make cookie-topped mini pies. The bakers are celebrating the fall with flavor combinations and finally, judges come up to judge the pie pandemonium.

Episode 4

The eight contestants have been instructed to make breakfast items including thanksgiving dessert. And then they need to team up to cook some Friendsgiving potluck dessert to charm the judges.

Episode 5

Seven contestants are given a calendar restored with chocolate with surprise in it and they have made a dessert with the hidden surprise. Later they have to make a cheesecake with three different flavors.

Episode 6

The six participants work as a team to make a jelly doughnut dessert with the twist of traditional Hanukkah jelly doughnut. Then they have moved on to make upside-down cakes to impress the judges.

Episode 7

The five competitors are all set to make the delicious trifle and then they move on to create the mouth-watering Charlotte royale for the judges.

Episode 8

The final four have been asked to decorate the holiday tree as a macaron tower and then they have to be super creative in the process of making a stunning icing cake with the inspiration of Christmas past, present, and future periods.

Marzipan, buttercream, and mirror glaze need to be used to represent past, present, and future respectively. In the end, the judges will declare the winner of the show who will be honored with $25,000.

Episode 9

In this last episode, the judges along with the host look back to the previous episodes and have recapitulated different incidents of the show, some behind the scenes action, the rollercoaster ride of a few participants and finally it comes to an end.

The highlight point of the show

Since it is a reality show, relativity and resonance is the most highlighted aspect of this series. The phenomenal presentation of the host of the show would be the center of attraction for sure. Now it’s time for the twist and full of surprises that have become a

driving force of the Holiday Baking Championship Season 7. And the reaction of every contestant to the particular given situation makes each episode unique and distinct from others.

Apart from this, the real ex-tempo situation makes the show extremely engaging and exciting. And last but not the least, the yummy, delicious food is the hero of this show.

Our Verdict

No doubt being one of the most popular reality shows, Holiday Baking Championship Season 7 has reached its limits. This show has raised the bar of all the other reality shows with its approach and path-breaking appreciation.

So, from our end, it’s a must-watch series. And you can also try your cooking and baking skills in the next season of the show.

Download Holiday Baking Championship Season 7: with y2mate discovery plus downloader

Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader
Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader

If you want to watch every season and episode of the Holiday Baking Championship then nothing would be more useful than the most attractive downloading feature of y2mate discovery plus downloader.

If you think that what is the point of watching this show with a downloader then here you have to go through the most fascinating features to excel the limitation of the online watch.

From repetitive watch to internet independent watch, you can explore multiple benefits of download discovery plus with the smartest functions of y2mate discovery plus downloader.

So, when you get a chance to enjoy limitless entertainment on a limited budget of y2mate discovery plus downloader then why do you spend your hard-earned money on your online watch? Now, have a quick look at the most useful features of this software.


  • You can enjoy any of your favorite regional content with download discovery plus while choosing audio channel and resolution from 720p to 1080p from any country of the world.
  • You can download more than 55000 real-life videos in the MP4 file format to watch them on any device.
  • Save your time while downloading content with all its episodes, parts, and seasons at a stretch without any commercial ads.
  • Enjoy your download discovery plus along with subtitles and metadata.
  • You can also save the subtitle of the content separately as an SRT file or Remux file.

Now, when you know the lucrative features of the y2mate discovery plus downloader then go for the easiest three steps of how to download discovery plus given below.


After installing this software on any of your devices you have to open the app and click on the Discovery Plus option to sign in to your Discovery plus account.

Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader
Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader


Once you are done with your login to your Discovery account, then you have to find the video that you want to be downloaded and then play it. During its playing mode, a download option would appear on the screen as ” Add to the queue” or ” Download Now”. You just have to click on it.

Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader
Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader


If you want to download more videos simultaneously then you have to search the videos one after one, keep them in the ” Download queue” and finally click on the ” Download Now” option to complete your download process.

Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader
Y2Mate Discovery Plus Downloader

If you are thinking about what is next, then you would be glad to know that you don’t have to do anything further to enjoy your download discovery plus. You are ready to enjoy your customized offline library anywhere and anytime.

So, to start your download you first take your convenient subscription plan of y2mate discovery plus downloader that starts with $19.9 monthly and $59.9 yearly. Anything that suits you would be best for you.

When you have a clear idea about how to download discovery plus with y2mate discovery plus downloader to watch your favorite Holiday Baking Championship Season 7 along with other seasons, what are you waiting for?

You just watch your favorite episode as many times as you want to try the best recipes in your kitchen while making the most out of this reality tv series.

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