Yggtorrent: How To Download And Increase Its Ratio

YggTorrent users or future YggTorrent users. Today I’m going to explain to you how this site works. Before continuing I have a quick question for you: do you want Yggtorrent to close? Do you want them to close like the illegal download site T411 or Wawa mania, Download area?

Yggtorrent: How to Download and Increase its Ratio
Yggtorrent: How to Download and Increase its Ratio

No ! I think if you are on this site it is that you do not want Yggtorrent to close one day.

So read well what I will explain to you in this article because you have to know it yggtorrent it is not at all a download site. It is a sharing site, a community site.

So read the article until the end and at least you will understand everything about how this site works. And do not style that you do not have time we both know that you go to this site to download a series, a movie, video games or something like that to waste time.

So good and not at least five minutes at least like that you will be quiet you will know from A to Z how the site works.

How does Yggtorrent work?

So as I said earlier yggtorrent is not a download site but a sharing site, a community site. Yggtorrent is not a file database where you come to peace and download what you want.

So there are two styles of people. On the one hand you have the SEEDERS it is those who share the files. And on the other side we have the LEECHERS, that’s the ones that download.

To sum up SEEDER sharing and LEECHER downloads. So now that you understand the basics imagine on the site there are only people who download.

How would you like to download something if no one is sharing? We agree that it is impossible. You know what I mean.

So that’s why you need people who share, you need SEEDERS. So we agree that there is a problem if there is very little SEEDER and a lot of LEECHER at some point the SEEDERS will be fed up with sharing without having any feedback.

So they will stop sharing and no one will be able to download. You have to understand that in life it’s a win-win. Always think win-win.

The SEEDER why it shares? Because he says hey, I’m going to share what I have and other people will also share what they have. And that way we all win and everyone can download what they like.

So the SEEDER has things to share that others don’t have. He shares them and the others download. And LEECHERS too must have things in their PC to share and therefore they must share them.

Always think win win. So so that everyone wins and there are no more SEEDERS than LEECHERS, YGG has set up the RATIO system.

What is the RATIO system?

It’s very simple. So to be able to download 10 GB of what you want, you’ll have to share 10 GB of what you have. 10 GB and 10 GB that gives us a RATIO of 1 and there you can continue to download.

So let’s say you shared 100 GB on YGG you can download 100 GB. Now let’s say the opposite you downloaded 20 GB but you only shared 10 GB, half of it. And well know one thing is that you will not be able to download anything until you get the balance and you return to 20 GB. 20 GB against 20 GB is good you can download.

If you redownload too much you can no longer download. You have to share to get to level. So basically it’s simple, your sharing ratio must be equal to your download ratio or higher for you to download.

From the moment you download more than what you give to the community, you will be able to download more. And that’s completely logical, you shouldn’t take advantage of the system. Always think win-win.

If you want to download without sharing and without taking the lead, without doing anything PAYE. It’s simple you go you take your credit card you pay and will have everything you want without putting your own.

And in addition know one thing is that Yggtorrent they are really very nice with you because at registration they offer you 15 GB. So basically when you start on the site it is as if you have already shared 15 Go. Basically from the start you have the right to download 15 gigabytes for free without doing anything.

But after a while you guys will have to share so I advise you to keep the advance of 15 GB and as soon as you can share.

There I know very well what you are going to say to me “Okay, thank you we understood but how do we do to increase its ratio? ”

How to increase your ratio?

It is simply by sharing, by becoming SEEDERS. So by being also SEEDER and not just LEECHERS.

So before you explain how to share, how to become a SEEDER, you should know that what you are going to download is not files.

We call itTorrentand to be able to download torrents you need software that allows you to download torrents. Torrent software there are plenty I recommend you download eitherµTorrentorBitTorrentorqBittorrentinstead . These are the best three on the market so download one of the three.

So what is this software for? As I explained to you this software allows you to download a torrent so your film, your series etc.

Suppose you want to download an episode of Game Of Thrones, so you go to the YggTorrent site and there you see a post from someone (Alex for example) who shares an episode of Game of throne. So Alex thanks to the utorrent software sends you the episode of Game of Thrones to your utorrent software.

This is how it goes. So that’s all, well now you’ve downloaded your game of thrones episode. Before there was only Alex who was the owner of this episode.

But now that you too have downloaded it, we agree that you too have become the owner of the episode of Game of thrones.

So let’s admit there is another person who wants to download this episode of Game of thrones, we’re going to take Bob. If you leave your utorrent software open and leave the file in its original location automatically when Bob will download the episode you pass as a sharer. Including a SEEDER.

It’s automatic then Bob downloads Game of thrones too he becomes the owner. Let’s admit a fourth person Patrick also wants to download this episode, Bob who left his utorrent open, he automatically becomes a sharer. Well, I think you understand.

Now at first the first SEEDER was all alone to share the file. So when Alex downloaded there was no one sharing it. Now when Patrick goes to download how many people share it?

There are three times more people. So logically, the more people sharing, the faster the download. So I think you understand if you leave your utorrent software open and leave file in its original location you become a SEEDER sharer and therefore you increase your ratio.

Do not tell you yeah go ahead I am lazy I do not do it. You have to tell yourself that people do it for you so do it for people too. This is a sharing site, a community site.

So that was the first way to increase your ratio, to become a sharer.

Now the second way to increase its ratio is simply to do like the first SEEDER at the beginning, to share something that you have on your pc, to go to Yggtorrent and to upload your file.

We are not going to hide it, we all have files lying around on our pc that can be used by people. So it’s simple you go to the Yggtorrent site and you look, you put in the search bar the file you want to share, you see if someone has already shared it or not.

If nobody shared it and you share it. After all you can share something that someone has already shared here, don’t worry.

But the best way to really increase your Ratio is to share something that is not yet shared on Yggtorrent.

And there is a little tip that I can give if you have nothing on your pc, it’s simply to be the first to share. If you see something that has just come out elsewhere you share it on Yggtorrent and if you are the first to share you will blow up your Ratio.

So here are the explanations of the ratio and how to increase your ratio. I explained to you all the principles of this site. So I hope you have understood the principle of mutual aid and sharing.

How to register and how to download

Quite simply before you even register the first thing that you will do is that you will verify that you are well on the good site of Yggtorrent.

Because I tell you the domain name changes often. It is logical if you do not want the site to be closed the site is obliged to take its precautions and to change domain names each time. Among the recent addresses areyggtorrent.is, yggtorrent.to, yggtorrent.siteandyggtorrent.gg

At the time of writing this article, the address of the official website isyggtorrent.ws

It is simple if when you arrive on Yggtorrent you do not see in the top right identify or register, it is simple it is that you are not on the right site.

To register it is very simple, you will click on register this is what will be displayed and only that. This is the only real page to register on Yggtorrent.

If you see a pop-up, an additional page that opens or you are asked to pay or download something is that it is not Yggtorrent. It’s just a pub page so you have to be careful.

The one and only page is the one you saw a little above. So here is Username, Email, Password, Confirmation of captcha robots. You know it’s easy, it’s the same on all sites.

In addition at the bottom there is the twitter name of Yggtorrent so you can follow them quickly.

After validating the form you will have a confirmation email, you click like all the sites and you will be registered. Once you have registered you will see at the top left in green it is simply what you have shared on the site and in red it is simply what you have downloaded.

Then you see your ratio, for info the minimum ratio that you must have to be able to download it is 1. If you have below 1 it is that you can no longer download. So here, anyway it’s simple it is written next toActive Accountis that you can download.

If it saysAccount Inactivein red, you cannot download. So to download it is very simple either you put what you are looking for in the search bar or you go to category and there you choose the category that interests you.

So there it is very easy friends it is written in greenDownload the torrent. You click on download the torrent , open with utorrent (that’s what I use), click on OK. uTorrent will open there you have the episodes of the season, you click OK and that’s it will start to download.

And as I told you earlier, the more people who share, the faster it will go.


Just a small note before finishing is that by clicking on certain places it is possible that another page opens in a new tab. But do not worry about closing this tab and clicking again in the same place it works for the second time.

So that’s it for me I hope you all understand how Yggtorrent works.

I hope you are well liked my explanations anyway thank you for reading the article until the end. Do not hesitate to share the article, to tell your friends about it…

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