10 Time Saving Services That Will Boost Your Productivity

In today’s fast-paced world, we want to spend less time on our everyday business than necessary. There is a plenty of apps and services aimed at expanding productivity.

10 Time Saving Services that Will Boost Your Productivity
10 Time Saving Services that Will Boost Your Productivity

10 Time Saving Services that Will Boost Your Productivity

Some of them are world-famous: Google Calendar for gatherings, Slack and Trello for teamwork, Evernote for notes, and Wunderlist for daily agendas. But there are less well-known applications that will help you deal with your business and focus.

1. Coffitivity

lt has been scientifically demonstrated that individuals work better with repetitive sounds in the background. This site follows the sound of a cafe to achieve the perfect combination of calm and excitement. This will help you get your creative currents, so you will not feel deadlocked.

2. EssayShark

EssayShark is a pioneer among paper writing services which has become one of the most efficient time-savers for students all over the world. Only graduate copywriters are involved in the work with clients.

Site employees personally contact every one and clarify all the details of the paper needed. To order the service, just fill out the form, write down the requirements, and publish it on the site.

Within a couple of minutes, the performers will respond to the application and offer their prices. Speaking of money, customers are well protected: the website strictly follows their Money Back Guarantee. Deciding on the choice of an expert will help rating, reviews, and bid.

3. Habitica

The Habitica application can be considered a time management tool. The program adds a gamification element to the daily to-do list, credits you points, praises you for completed tasks, raises the level and fines if the item from the to-do list is not completed. It motivates you when you need to introduce a new habit into your daily routine.

4. Pomocado

Pomocado works directly in your browser and uses the equivalent Pomodoro strategy as Pomotroid. Sign up for Pomocado, open the web application, and start the Pomodoro timer, getting started.

At the point when the timer begins, the program denotes the times of your activity and gives you an ideal opportunity to lay on a unique schedule.

At that point, you can take a gander at it and assess how you deal with your time. What’s more, recall: the more you use Pomocado, the better thought of ​​organizing your time is given by the schedule.

5. RescueTime

The program monitors the time you spent on the computer. You will find out which sites you spend the most time on, how many hours you have devoted to e-mail, what you’ve been distracted by, which sites you visited. At your request, the program can block useless sites.

6. FocusWriter

FocusWriter is a device that gives a basic, interruption-free composing condition to any individual who needs to write. You will get a pleasant, full-screen clear canvas to concentrate on the work you have to compose.

lt likewise incorporates clocks, alerts, objective setting, subjects, typewriter audio effects, editing, and spell checking.


Create performance chains with this simple application. It uses the idea of ​​“If this, then this” so that you can make trigger and action recipes to encourage you to remain productive. For example, you can make a recipe to turn on your phone when you are at home, mute the sound of a call before going to bed, or record text to your soulmate when you leave work.

8. Sunsama

Sunsama positions itself as an apparatus for collaboration, however, it is likewise a phenomenally helpful application for individual clients. lt can show your present errands as a schedule or kanban cards.

Connect your “Google Calendar” or even a few different apps, and all the undertakings set apart there will be in Sunsama automatically. You can send your tasks to Trello, Slack, or simple group chat.

9. Todoist

A modern task manager that allows you to record and plan things, as well as monitor progress. Todoist also helps build lasting habits. For example, if you recorded “going for a run every day at 9 am” it will automatically create a task in the “Sport” project with a regular reminder “every day at 8 am”.

10. Unroll Me

Sometimes mailings bother. The Unroll Me service will automatically determine the addresses from which you most often receive similar letters, and will offer to unsubscribe from them. You can do without the dreary search in each letter the phrase “Click here if you no longer want to receive our newsletter.”

Summing up

Sooner or later, we all face the fact that there is not enough time, that it is difficult to get rid of bad habits, that we want to approach everything creatively. It’s time to increase your productivity!

So, do not waste time and start using applications from our selection. Not even a week will pass, as you will notice that you have begun to keep up with everything and you will even have time for friends, family, and for everything that you had not enough time before.

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