4 Tips to Make Your Laptop More Useful

If you have an old, old school laptop whose performance isn’t tight anymore, you shouldn’t be “hooked up” let alone thrown away. With these 4 simple tips, your old laptop will function just like it used to. You can give it to your sister who starts learning about computers.

4 Tips to Make Your Laptop More Useful
4 Tips to Make Your Laptop More Useful

4 Tips to Make Your Laptop More Useful

1. Change RAM.

If possible, increase the RAM capacity to the maximum level and select type DDR 3 or 4.

2. Use SSD instead of HDD.

Although more expensive, SSDs provide faster performance and are less noisy than HDDs.

3. Clean the device from dust.

The accumulation of dust in a laptop also affects the performance of your device. You can dismantle it yourself or ask a technician to help clean it.

Remember, when you do this step yourself you have to be really careful. Instead of getting tighter, if the wrong step can be a laptop even more damaged and can not be used.

4. Install Linux OS than other OS.

Linux OS does not require high specifications in order to run on a device. In addition to licensing for free and not susceptible to viruses, some important applications such as browsers, music and video players even for office use can be installed without worrying about licensing fees.

How, easy right? Immediately practice, guaranteed your old school laptop can work as usual. Not bad, can be sold again or donated to a younger brother who is starting to learn computers or need to do school work or campus.

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