4 Ways To Earn Money From Instagram

Instagram has a total of more than 500 million active users who share more than 95 million photos every day. If you are wondering how the hell do I get money from Instagram? And is it really possible to earn money from Instagram?

4 Ways to Earn Money from Instagram

For some people, it must be familiar if now Instagram can indeed be used to get money. Although initially intended to share photos and videos Instagram, but now we can also make money from Instagram to millions of rupiahs.

If you are an Instagram user and have quite large followers, then you can actually make money on Instagram without capital. Enough with these followers, you can earn money from Instagram up to millions of rupiah by following the method in this article.

It should also be noted that if you want to earn income online, you must give time and dedication. At first it may sound very easy, but you have to work hard until you really get money and success. Moreover, if your Instagram followers are still relatively small, you should work even harder.

Talking about Instagram business, here are some themes and questions that are frequently asked by Instagram users who want to start a business.

  1. How do you make money on Instagram?
  2. Does Instagram pay for a large number of followers?
  3. Does Instagram put up ads to make money?
  4. Get money from Instagram.

How to earn money from Instagram without capital

1. Make Money from Instagram by becoming a Buzzer

Being a buzzer is one way to earn money on Instagram. The way it works is that they will give a commission for each sale from your affiliate link. Usually, you will be given a special link so they can track sales that have been made.

This method is very easy if you have a large number of followers, because indeed the website, this buzzer service pegged the number of followers.

2. Selling photos on Instagram

If you are a reliable photographer, selling photos on Instagram is the easiest. Simply upload a photo of your work, then add the relevant hashtags to attract Instagram users who might want to buy them.

Don’t forget to add a watermark to tag your photos. Of the many Instagram users, there is likely to be someone interested in the photo. If they want a photo without a watermark, that’s where you can sell it and produce shrimp from Instagram.

3. Create an Online Shop on Instagram

The way this one is the most frequently encountered on Instagram. Because there are so many Instagram accounts that are used to sell products. Starting physical products and digital products are all on Instagram.

Most of the best-selling online shops on Instagram are those that sell apparel products, cosmetics, accessories, health products, and others. Whereas digital products are usually ebooks, services, and enhancers to Instagram followers and so on.

There are also those who do not have a product but can still sell on Instagram. They are the ones who use the dropship system and resellers from other stores. So, now selling on Instagram is very easy, marketing media are available, and the products are always available.

4. Earn Money from Instagram by becoming an Endorser

What is the difference between a buzzer and an endorser? A buzzer is working only to market a product, while an endorser is to not only market the product, but at the same time be the ambassador of the product.

If you are a buzzer and have made good sales, then ask the company to make you a partner/ambassador. Do that if you have a lot of followers and fans and have produced good sales. This needs to be done because it is good for you and also the value of their product brand.

Instagram celebrity accounts that have many fans are often used as ambassadors and endorse their posts. Because partnering with them can increase sales and brand popularity of the product itself.


Getting money from Instagram is a hot topic lately, but there are still many who don’t understand how to get started. Keep in mind that making money from Instagram through the methods above is very promising, provided you have the appropriate skills, always optimistic, and work hard.

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