Check Genuine Or Fake Instagram Followers Easily And Accurately 2023

Who doesn’t want his Instagram account to have a large number of followers who always like and comment on each post.

Check Genuine Or Fake Instagram Followers Easily And Accurately 2023

Especially with the number of followers who are always active in giving likes and comments will increase the lucrative business opportunities.

But have you ever surfed on Instagram suddenly found an account that has followers of up to tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands even though it is not an artist or a person who is currently viral. Surely you think whether the follower is genuine or fake?

So that you are not curious and think negatively about the account, it would be good for you to follow the steps below, because AyGek will give you a tutorial on how to check IG real or fake followers .

The most accurate and easiest way to check authentic or fake Instagram followers

How to check Instagram Followers with

Site Check genuine or fake Instagram followers can be done using a third party application, is an Instagram followers check site that provides services to find out the authenticity of followers from an Instagram account . How to use it is quite easy

  • Open any browser that has been installed either on your PC, Laptop or Android phone.
  • Type lgaudit on google or directly visit
  • After entering the web page, there is a search field for IG that you want to know the authenticity of its followers.
  • Wait for the analysis process of this third party application to finish until the results appear.

Results can be seen in Estimated Real Followers , the higher the percentage value, the better the quality of followers on the account. Conversely, the lower the percentage value, the worse the quality of followers on the account and it is certain that the account that has many followers is a passive / robot follower .

This web application can be used only for accounts that are public, meaning that accounts that are private or locked can not be known for the authenticity of followers using the help of this application.

Compare the number of comments with IG followers

In addition to using third-party applications such as igaudit, you can check manually whether the account has many genuine followers or fake followers. Surely you’ve seen it not, IG accounts that have followers of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, but the comments are very little.

Normally, accounts that have slightly more active followers or a draw between active and passive followers will have a minimum of 13 comments in 5000 followers in each post.

But a little comment is not the only thing that proves that the account has a lot of passive followers. There are also many accounts that have comments that many also have many fake followers. This can be proven if you see whether the comment is relevant or not to the topic posted.

Compare the number of IG likes and followers

In terms of likes, at least an account that has 1000 followers will have at least 30 likes in each post.

Similar to the comments, if you pay attention to accounts that each post uses Indonesian, you can check who likes these posts, whether the original indo account or outsiders, especially Indian accounts.

The final word

That’s how to check the authenticity of Instagram followers that you can do easily and simply . It’s no longer curious why the account he can have a lot of followers. Hopefully this method can be useful for you all or you can share this tutorial with your friends by clicking the Share button.

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