5 Creative Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fanbase

Growing a Facebook Fan Base can be rather taxing. Moreover, if you’ve just started out on the app, and have a brand new page, then gaining traffic can be all the more difficult. A decade ago it was possible to get your pages to grow organically. However, with increasing competition, this task has become too much of an ordeal.

Increase Your Facebook Fanbase
Increase Your Facebook Fanbase

5 Creative Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fanbase

Regardless, there are many people who want to gain Facebook likes. We honestly don’t think that it is a bad idea to buy Facebook likes.

It is not often that you get a chance to increase the fan base on Facebook, and while such options are available today- you should try and make use of them. Although, you should also check out our list below for some amazing ideas on how to gain Facebook likes and fan base.

Create Organic Interaction

People generally use social media to create brand awareness. However, sticking to that alone greatly reduces the opportunities for sale, and promotion. One such opportunity is lead generation, which is considered the linchpin of a successful business campaign.

The best thing to do for lead generation is avoiding too much of automation. You have to remember, that your business and brand needs to get a human touch.

This means, you personally take time to interact with the existing fan base, and future clients. Make sure that you give some personal updates on your business journey, and introduce people to the team behind all your work!

Search for individuals capable of engaging in your business. Once you have figured out what people comprise this group, you can add them under one messaging panel. Here you can offer them updates on your business or services, as you progress forward.

At the same time, you have two community options-

  • You could start your own group
  • You could join a group that offers high engagement and serves your business.

Make Social Posts

Another thing to remember is that facebook is not based on intent but interest. Every update that you give out on the Facebook page should NOT be promotional.

Statistics show that at least 80% of given updates need to have some significance for your viewing parties. If that doesn’t happen-people might be quick to hit the unlike button, and stop following your page.

Therefore, remember that you have to use Facebook in order to create a community. You need to show that you are genuinely interested in the well being of your viewers. Thus, you can begin conversations and start adding value to your page. Different types of content you can create are:

  • Brand story posts
  • Authority building posts
  • Personal Posts
  • Lead Nurture Posts

Create your Authority and Presence

There is one hitch here- many people know that as your audience begins to increase, the organic reach somehow begins to diminish. So why should we grow our presence at all? Here are some benefits of growing Facebook presence-

  • Your ads become effective and cheaper because you can introduce social contexts.
  • Your marketing efforts will be boosted through better page and post insights. Thus, you’ll be able to use both psychographic and demographic data.
  • The influence of your page, as perceived by other people will increase- and this will increase your credibility.

By creating authority we mean that you don’t just have to get likes. However, you also need to ensure that people are actually processing your posts and interacting with you on a personal level.

Create the Right Audience

Another unnecessary element in your page could be random fans. They neither have positive influence on your campaigns nor do they engage with your content.

I recommend that you don’t grow the Facebook page if you cannot simultaneously build a target audience. Instead, look for people who are capable of participating in your business.

You need to find people for whom the published content will be highly relevant. To ensure that they stay connected with you, create a brand image which sticks in the hearts and minds of your audience. Always be consistent, and also make use of Facebook Insights to understand the pattern being followed by your viewers.

Create Evergreen Posts

Whatever the ambitions are for your Facebook page – be it to raise sales or boost traffic – evergreen content is the most important weapon at your disposal. The life of a post is also based on recurrence in the Facebook News Stream.

It would be beneficial for your audience for longer times if you publish timeless material. They’ll continue to engage with your post, if you are able to meet this requirement.

Therefore, in order to build a group, note that you have to use Facebook efficiently. You ought to prove that the well-being of your viewers is truly interested in you. You will then begin interactions and begin to contribute positively to your website.


It can be really quite punishing to grow a Facebook Fan Base. In addition, if you have just initiated working on the app and have a completely fresh page, it can be all the more challenging to gain traffic. With increasing competition, this task has become especially difficult.

However, if you follow the tips we have mentioned in the above article, we are sure you will be able to increase your Facebook Fanbase in no time.

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