5 Hidden Features Of IPhone You Need To Know

Hidden Features of iPhone: This year Apple has repeated and once again we are surprised with the quality of the devices it has presented to us. Of all. Of all the iPhone has not only managed to surprise us but has positioned itself as one of the best smartphones on the market, thanks to its innovative features.

5 Hidden Features of iPhone You Need to Know
5 Hidden Features of iPhone You Need to Know

However, and despite what Apple’s flagship offers us, there are those who constantly discover that there are much more things thatthe iPhone is capable of doing for us, but we surely do not know.

5 Hidden Features of iPhone You Need to Know

1.Change the keyboard for a trackpad:

This feature allows users with an iPhone with 3D capabilities to move the cursor more accurately, without needing to touch the screen. To convert it, it is necessary to press and hold anywhere on the keyboard to activate the touch panel. Once with the blank keyboard, we can see an alert confirming that the cursor is in action and ready to use.

2. Keep the photos hidden.

Of all the photos we can have on our iPhone, there is always a pair that is better to keep private. While these days are a complicated mission, iOS gives us an alternative

To do this, we must go to the photo application and choose one or more images. Then we must touch the share button and select the option “Hide photo”.

Immediately, we will receive a confirmation message alerting that the images will no longer be visible in the library.

3.Receive notifications through the camera flash:

In different situations we require different alerts to inform us about our notifications, and one of them is achieved using the camera flash. To set this configuration we must go toConfiguration> Accessibility.Then it is necessary to select Visual Audio and change the “LED Flash for alerts” button to “On”.

4. Enable screen recording:

Starting with iOS 11, iPhone has a secret built-in screen recording function. To activate it we must go to theSettingsmenu> Control Center> Customize controls.

Once there we must select Screen recording. Within three seconds, the screen recording function will begin and the result will be recorded directly in the gallery.

5. Undo your previous step:

You can easily recover by shaking your smartphone, a pop-up window will appear to “Undo” your action.

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