5 Voice Editing Applications For Android 2023

Video editing or recording applications become good android – In this increasingly sophisticated era, many things we can edit or modify to our liking, such as photos and videos. Not only that, now you can edit sound or audio easily.

voice editing applications
voice editing applications

You can freely modify your voice with the help of an application that you can use on your Android smartphone.

Generally professional sound editing can only be done using software on a PC such as Adobe Audition. But using the software, of course you have to learn more about the application, because the features provided are quite extensive. Now you don’t need to worry anymore, because you can download and use such applications only through the grip of a smartphone.

Especially for those of you who want to make a video or cover sound of a song but do not have a pretty melodious voice. You can manipulate it using the sophistication of the application that will be recommended by AyGek this time. Alright, here are 5 Sound Editing Apps that are tunable and clear on Android .

The Best Voice Editing Applications for Android 2019

Various applications that allow you to tweak the sound are available on the Internet. But AyGek has summarized the five best applications that become voice purifiers on Android both recordings or downloads. Even the five applications you can download directly on the Google Play Store for free .

1. WavePad Audio Editor Free

WavePad Free Sound and Audio Editing is an application that is able to record, edit, and add several effects that make the sound you produce quality . Of course the help recording here, really helps you to process the sound for the better. Because you can try the editing process several times until you produce a good and clear sound quality.

This free version of WavePad is also able to clean up noise or noise from your recordings so that it increases the sound quality for the better. This application is easy to use and is quite light on memory storage.

2. Timbre

Timbre is a popular voice editing application developed by Xeus that has been downloaded approximately 25,000 times. This application is technically used to edit audio or video files such as cutting, merging, and converting each clip. Besides this application is also able to be used to make sound or slow motion video .

Although it functions as a cutter and joiner for video or audio, it still maintains the quality especially in terms of sound so that it remains clear and nice.

3. MP3 Audio Cutter Mix Converter and Ringtone Maker

This application is classified as the best application in the affairs of audio editing, especially in MP3 format . The general function of this application is as a cutter or cutter for every piece of music or recorded sound that will be combined in other parts. This application allows you to make ringtone or alarm tone on Android.

This application can also be used to change the metadata of a music or recording. Examples include music titles, cover images, album music names, singer or artist names, genres, and so on.

Now the point of this application is very suitable for you to use to edit your own recorded songs or downloads. A few tips on using this application to avoid a lot or spam ads, you can use it without using an internet connection.

4. Lexis Audio Editor

Create a new recording sound or edit your audio using this one editing application. Lexis Audio Editor can be used to clear and enhance your voice. This application has common features such as recording, cutting and merging parts of the sound. The special feature is that you can minimize the noise or noise that is in your recorded sound.

This application also features a compressor , change tempo , equalizer , and many more that serve to improve the quality of your voice.

5. Music Editor

This one application is quite good in terms of audio editing, especially for editing a song. Features provided include cutting out the desired music section, making music lists easily, combining music sections, converting music to several other important formats.

This application allows you to access music creation, output music is well organized and stored in different tabs. An added bonus of this application is the built-in music feature, which is a pretty good music player with functions to play or pause songs properly.

The final word

That’s the recording voice editing application to be good on Android . Some of these applications can make your voice clearer and more tunable . A few tips from AyGek, when you use the application you should first turn off the internet connection that is connected on your Android smartphone so that ads will not appear so it does not bother you when editing sound.

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