5 Ways to Make Your Video Viral on Instagram

Getting any video to trend on Instagram isn’t just about luck- it also needs strategic planning and putting together a video content plan.

Videos that are relevant and long, along with a channel where things are posted regularly will probably be more successful than others. While making videos you also need to make sure that you are putting out trending content.

Make Your Video Viral on Instagram
Make Your Video Viral on Instagram

5 Ways to Make Your Video Viral on Instagram

There are, of course, ways to buy Instagram views and gain Instagram followers in a less organic way. However, for people who want to reach people naturally there are some simple tips and tricks which can be followed to make viral content.

Sometimes viral videos are just a matter of chance, but a lot of times, there are social media managers to help you gain Instagram followers. Some methods they follow include:

1. Understanding the Audience

With every marketing initiative, it is important to understand your audience and viewers. Thus, in order to properly engage your audience you’ll first have to do thorough research on what they like.

When aiming to create viral content, you also need to understand what your audience is genuinely interested in. Thus, you can ensure that they interact with your posts using comments, likes, etc.

You have to create a marketing persona that can summarize the interests of your audience. Usually, this would include the demographic and psychographic information of your viewers.

For Instagram marketing, it would also be helpful if the persona has the information on similar accounts that your viewers follow. Once you have this information in hand, then you can begin to work on other aspects of your Instagram Marketing.

2. Check Competition

In order to learn what will and will not perform when generating viral content, analyse the Instagram strategy of your competing companies.

While creating your own company brand on Instagram it is important to know whether content provided by a rival companies has ever gone mainstream. Moreover, if they have been successful it is important to understand and emulate the same strategies as them.

Please take care of the content structure, post period and Instagram summary if you discover content that has performed well. You can also want to decide whether an Instagram influencer or agency was working with the company in question. Perhaps you should work together to build your own viral videos with a related organisation.

On the other hand, you can also learn a lot from competition if it is not doing well in the market. In this case you have to understand the weakness of their content, and then avoid making the same mistakes as them. Moreover, if your competition is not doing well, you can better understand and use the advantage you have.

3. Be Creative and Unique

Special content has more chance of becoming viral content. The material is very often visually beautiful, divisive, noteworthy or intellectually stimulating. Content with a strong perspective would be more prone to gain fame as compared to commonplace content.

The photograph of a husky in the Arctic from National Geographic earned nearly 30 percent more likes (over 1 million) than its typical tweet. This article went viral thanks to the combination of a beautiful picture and a perfect background.

The drawings of the New Yorker frequently get greater amount of interaction than just about any other form of material they post.

This makes perfect sense, as this sort of material is exclusive to the magazine and typically includes a peculiar perspective on pop culture or current affairs. Thus, you need to try and make content which is going to strike your audience as absolutely different.

4. Do Research

It is necessary to consider the viewers and audience in every marketing initiative. So, in ways to encourage the audience correctly, you would have to first do a detailed analysis of what they want.

You will need to consider what the audience is highly involved in while trying to generate viral content. You should also make sure that they engage with your posts using feedback, comments, etc.

Usually, the research will provide the cultural and lifestyle details of your audiences. It would also be helpful for Instagram ads if the study has the details followed by the viewers on related profiles.

If this material is in your possession, you will start focusing on other facets of Instagram Marketing. Thus, you will slowly gain the momentum that you need to grow on Instagram.

5. Collaborate

94 percent of advertisers using influencers for marketing claim that they work better than competition. In order to maximise the odds of generating a piece of viral videos, brands who are involved in developing viral content should think about working with a business influencer. You can also tie up with a news channel, or page, and ask them to feature your content once you work out a deal.

It should be remembered that influencers are not always stars of the social media or actors. Celebrities and influencers are literally people who stand out among a definite crowd of people and earn their respect.

Jimmy Chin, for instance, is known as an influencer in the hiking world, and North Face has partnered with Chin to produce funded content that has received good engagement.

You should be careful with SocialMeep, don’t get its service to grow your Instagram followers.


Having any video on Instagram to trend is not only about chance, it also takes strategic preparation and a video marketing strategy to be put together.

Videos that are relevant and lengthy will generally be more effective than others, along with a platform where items are updated daily. You will need to make sure you’re bringing out trending material when making posts. Follow the tips above- and we are sure you will be able to do well.

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