5 Ways To Use Gamepad On Android, Can Use PS4 Sticks!

Do you like playing games on an Android phone ? But it doesn’t match the virtual button?

Android phones are now widely used as a device for playing games. No wonder why many manufacturers are developing HP gaming.

5 Ways to Use Gamepad on Android, Can Use PS4 Sticks!
5 Ways to Use Gamepad on Android, Can Use PS4 Sticks!

However, when playing games on the cellphone, you must use the virtual keypad. Not everyone likes this type of button, maybe you are one of them.

Don’t worry, you can use the game controller on Android. Come on, see the full way below!

5 Ways to Use Gamepad on Android, Can Use PS4 Sticks!

A game controller or gamepad is a device used to control characters or objects in a game. This device has a very diverse type.

You can find game controllers with simple buttons to multifunction controllers like Nintendo Switch. Each game console has its own controller.

The technology used is also different and adapted to the needs of playing on the console. The connectivity is even more sophisticated with interesting features.

Well, it turns out this game controller can also be used for Android phones. So that you become easier to play RPG or adventure games .

The method is also quite easy, you can see the following complete method depending on the controller you are using:

1. Using a USB Controller

First is to use a game controller with a Micro USB cable . This controller is the most common and you can use it for a variety of devices.

You can buy this controller at a very affordable price. Even so, you will still be disturbed by the cable that must be plugged into the cellphone.

Unfortunately, most of these controllers do not provide a USB converter or USB OTG in the purchase box. So you have to buy an OTG that matches your mobile connectivity port.

2. Using a Bluetooth Controller

Next is the game controller with Bluetooth features that can be connected to a wireless gaming device. This type of controller is far more practical compared to conventional controllers.

Connecting a bluetooth controller with your Android phone is very easy. Just like connecting a cellphone or speaker device with bluetooth , i.e. do pairing .

The way to pair is also very easy, you just go to Bluetooth settings on the cellphone and then look for the latest device . All you have to do is click on your controller device and start the pairing process.

After that, the controller will be connected automatically and you can directly use.

3. Using the Xbox One Controller

Next is to connect the Xbox One controller to the HP. This controller has always been one of the favorite controllers to be used in playing games, whether on Android or PC.

To connect it is also quite easy and similar to a bluetooth controller. However, you must first set up your Xbox One controller.

Make sure that your controller is not connected to the Xbox One console, you cannot connect your cellphone if the controller is still connected to the console.

To start connecting, you turn on Bluetooth on your cellphone and make sure it is visible. Then, hold the Sync button on your Xbox One controller.

Your cellphone will detect the controller and all you have to do is pair the process. You should know, only the latest Xbox One controller has a Bluetooth feature.

4. Using the PlayStation Controller 4

Just like other controllers that use the Bluetooth feature, you can also connect the PlayStation 4 gamepad to the cellphone only by pairing the device.

Playstation 4 always uses a controller with Bluetooth technology, so you can use any version to connect to your cellphone.

The way to turn on pairing on your PS4 controller is to hold the PlayStation and Share buttons simultaneously until the blue light lights up at the top of the controller.

You just have to do the pairing process and you can directly use it to play games.

5. Using the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller

Last is to use Joy-Con or the Nintendo Switch controller on your cellphone, which is using bluetooth. You can use both Joy-Con or one of them.

To set your Joy-Con to pair, press the Sync button on the side of the controller until the LED light flashes. After that, you can do pairing on HP.

In addition, you can also connect Joy-Con to your cellphone using an adapter coupled with a USB OTG.

Adapter that you can use is Mayflash Magic NS , these accessories can be found in online stores with the price of 450 thousand rupiah.

Unfortunately, this adapter only uses a Micro USB port and you have to convert it to your HP port type by using a USB OTG.

The final word

That’s the way to use the game controller on Android, with this you can play more precision and not be disturbed by virtual buttons.

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