7 Techniques To Play PUBG Mobile For Beginners

PUBG Mobile has just been released, but its popularity has risen quite high. In Indonesia itself, there are already many people who play it while hanging out, gathering or spending leisure time.

7 Techniques to Play PUBG Mobile for Beginners
7 Techniques to Play PUBG Mobile for Beginners

PUBG Mobile has the same gameplay as the original version on the PC, where players will be gathered in one battle area, and kill each other with a variety of techniques to survive until the end. Even more interesting, the mobile version of PUBG can be downloaded for free.

The player who succeeds in surviving last will be given an award commonly called “Chicken Dinner”. You have to be able to face 100 other players to get the Chicken Dinner award, but to survive until the end is what is difficult. There needs to be tricks and good playing techniques to win the match.

Tips to win matches and survive on PUBG Mobile

1. Understand how to control your character

In order to become a professional player and win the game you must understand how to control your character. These tips are very useful for those of you who play PUBG Mobile on a PC / Laptop. Before you start a match, spend a little time setting the character control functions that you can understand.

For example the Alt key function, by default this button works to move the camera’s view in all directions without having to move your character.

If the above for those who play on a PC / Laptop, on your smartphone there is also a special button to make it easier for you when playing PUBG Mobile, commonly called Auto Functions .

Auto Sprint: The icon will appear automatically when you are running at full speed. Simply place your finger on it and release later it will continue without pressing.

Free Look : You can drag the icon with the image of the little Eyes right near the Map to see and look around. This is useful when you walk so you can see your surroundings without changing direction.

Auto Loot : Your character will only automatically pick up important items such as rare scopes, weapons, armor and more without doing anything.

2. Land in the right place

When the beginning of the battle begins you will be escorted by the plane, and choose the position where you will land. The first thing to consider is the placement of a plunge in a building where there are no other players. In the building itself it usually provides a lot of looting material and a lot of ammunition too. A good start if you have abundant availability.

You are also free to dive anywhere, as long as you have a home. The point that must be considered is do not jump with other players. It will take time to prepare to gather your weapons for direct combat.

3. Make use of the sense of hearing

In PUBG Mobile the sense of hearing is more needed than the sense of sight. Therefore, when you play PUBG Mobile try not to be in silent mode, or if you play outside where there is noise you can use earphones or headsets. Use your listening ability to find out the whereabouts of the enemy through the sound of feet, driving a car and gunfire.

4. Don’t shoot at enemies that are hard to reach

This is part of using the sense of hearing instead of sight. Instead you see an enemy from a great distance, you immediately fire a shot at the enemy from a great distance. The result is your shot will not wear the enemy’s body, instead it benefits the enemy because they know the location of you hiding through the sound of bullets.

5. Use the car instead of running

In PUBG there are safe and dangerous areas, as time goes by, the MAP around will narrow, you are required to be in a safe area so that you don’t knock out when fighting. If you go to a safe area in a running condition it will open your defenses and become an easy target to shoot. You better find a car, and step on the gas as fast as possible and find a safe area to get off.

6. Not blind MAP

MAP in PUBG Mobile is not only used to monitor which areas are safe and dangerous, but also as a tool to find out if there are enemies in the area. Usually enemies that appear in MAP will appear with a small red circle icon. Use this to find out the location and movement of the enemy

7. Choose your best weapon

Choosing the right weapon for you is the key to victory. Instead of you from the origin of firing better find a weapon that if you easily use. There are many types of weapons in PUBG Mobile that have their respective advantages. There is an Assault Riffle type weapon that is famous as a weapon that emits a barrage of bullets and has a medium range. There are also Sniper Rifles, Machine Guns, Shotguns, Melee Weapons and others.

You can listen to the following article to find which weapon is right for you. 10 of the best and must-have PUBG Mobile Weapons!

Now that’s Tips for playing PUBG Mobile for beginners or those of you who often play but lose only, you can apply the tips above.

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