7+ Ways To Overcome Excessive Hair Loss

The problem of hair loss is indeed annoying. That’s why many people find out how to overcome excessive hair loss. It is expected that by following this method, later the problem of hair loss can be overcome.

7+ Ways to Overcome Excessive Hair Loss
7+ Ways to overcome excessive hair loss

7+ Ways to Overcome Excessive Hair Loss

Both by using natural ingredients and certain products, the important thing is the hair does not fall out again. This method can also be used by men and women. Even for veiled women, you can try applying the following tips.

Previously, if you were among those who experienced severe hair loss problems, there was no need to be discouraged. Because it is said that 3 out of 10 people experience hair loss problems. The most important thing is how you try to overcome it.

Well, here are some effective ways you can do to overcome hair loss.

Regularly use Shampoo

This is important because using the right shampoo can help to cope while preventing hair loss. other benefits, the scalp remains clean free of dandruff.

Give Hair Vitamins

To strengthen and improve hair health, you can try giving vitamins that are useful for hair. What is an example?

Like for example vitamin A can encourage the production of healthy sebum on the scalp. Then there is also vitamin E which is useful to facilitate blood circulation in the scalp while helping hair follicles stay productive. Other vitamins that are useful for hair are vitamin B. This vitamin plays a role in keeping hair color healthy.

Increase Protein

Protein also has a role to strengthen hair. You can eat lean meat, fish, and soybeans. All of that naturally can help reduce hair loss.

Use Essential Oils

Every now and then, you are also very good at doing massage on the scalp. Use essential oils to do it.

Of course you have to routinely do it so that the properties are felt Essential oils help strengthen hair follicles.

Don’t Comb When Wet Hair

When the dictionary is finished bathing, it’s better to dry the hair first. Avoid combing directly because it can increase hair loss.

In addition, you can use hair with wide teeth so that the pull on the hair is not too tight. That way, hair won’t fall out too easily.

Drink enough water

do not underestimate water. Its role is also useful for strengthening hair. Therefore make it a habit to drink enough water every day. So that the body is always healthy and the hair becomes strong.

Anti Hair Loss Remedy

If you want to make a natural herb to deal with hair loss, try this recipe. Prepare garlic, shallots and ginger. Juice all these ingredients and then the water can be applied to the scalp.

You should do it when you want to sleep and let this herb work overnight to strengthen hair. Especially for those of you who experience acute loss problems, you can try this recipe. If you do it regularly in a week, chances are the results will be felt. Hair loss will decrease.

Green tea

Natural ingredients that are also believed to strengthen hair are green tea. It’s easy. You can make green tea drinks. Then wait until it’s cold. After that, this green tea water can be rubbed into the hair.

Then wait for about an hour, then rinse it. As long as it is routine, the benefits will be felt. Hair also becomes stronger.

There are many ways we can make hair not fall out and become stronger. You can try some of the methods above. In addition, get used to healthy living. Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages.

In addition, diligent exercise can also help reduce hair loss. As well as what’s important, keep positive thoughts. If we are not stressed, this will help balance hormones that also affect the health of our hair.

You can also check an excellent laser for hair growth.

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