5 Ways to Activate Bluetooth on a Laptop

Even though it has been around for a long time, it turns out there are still some people who don’t know how to activateBluetooth on a laptop.Bluetoothis a means that can connect one device’s network to other devices over a short distance.

5 Ways to Activate Bluetooth on a Laptop

5 Ways to Activate Bluetooth on a Laptop

Bluetooth will usually be used to move data from one device to another over a network. Currently, Bluetoothhas entered its 5th generation. Meanwhile, what is currently still popular and in great demand isBluetooth 4.0 or the fourth generation.

One of the main reasons many people still useBluetoothto send data to laptops is because of its practical function. To activate it on a laptop, you can follow several ways to activateBluetoothon a laptop below.

1. Use Fn Key +Bluetooth Icon

Generally, laptops will haveBluetoothbuilt-in. How to activateBluetoothon this type of laptop will be easier. You can press the Fn button together with one of the F1 to F12 buttons which have aBluetooth icon.

Usually, among all these buttons there will be one button that has aBluetooth icon.Considering that the placement of the Bluetoothicon on each brand is usually different, you can check it yourself on the F1 to F12 buttons.

If you have found it, for example the icon is on the F4 key. So to activate it you can press Fn + F4. If it is correct, then you will see theBluetoothicon inthe system tray, namelythe taskbaron the right side. The appearance of this icon is a sign thatBluetoothis active.

2. Activate via Settings

Remember that not all laptops have a Bluetoothicon on the button, of course we also provide a way to activateBluetoothon a laptop via Settings. You can follow the steps below.

  • Enter Windows, then select Settings. You can also write it in the search for ‘Settings’ or directly write ‘Bluetooth’ to make it faster.
  • Select the Devices option.
  • Next, you will seeBluetooth settings. In theBluetooth& other devices option, please turn theBluetoothbutton from off to on.
  • Once turned on, you can connect theBluetoothdevice to your laptop or desktop computer. However, you need to ‘paired’ first. Next, just connect the two devices.
  • Once the device name is found, you can immediately press the Connect option so that the devices can connect to each other usingBluetooth.
  • You can also add devices that are not yet connected with the help of the AddBluetoothor Other Device option.

3. Using Device Manager

Another way you can activateBluetoothis through the device manager. The method is very easy, please open the device manager. Find theBluetoothoption in the device manager.

Next, see whetherBluetooth is active or not. If not, you can right-click and then select ‘enable’ to activateBluetooth. Meanwhile, to deactivate it you can select the ‘disable’ option.

4. Instal DriverBluetooth

If some of the methods above still haven’t worked, then most likely your laptop operating system is not equipped with aBluetooth driver. Therefore, to be able to run it, you can install theBluetoothdriver first.

This installation can be done by bringing the default driver CD or downloading it via the internet. Make sure you download the version that best suits yourbuilt-inBluetoothor USB Dongle.

5. Using aBluetooth USB Dongle

Please be aware that not all laptops are equipped withbuilt-inBluetooth. If it turns out that your laptop doesn’t have aBluetoothicon on the button, then you need to do another method, namely by installingBluetoothusinga USB Bluetooth dongle.

This USB will later be connected to the laptop’s USB port. The shape is a bit similar toa flash diskbut has areceiver antenna. You can plug it directly into the USB port of your laptop or computer to activateBluetooth.

Those are some explanations about how to easily activateBluetooth on a laptop.Please try it on the laptop or computer that you have.

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