Virus Infected Flashdisk | How to Format Flashdisk Through CMD

Flashdisk is a data storage device that can be connected via a computer USB port and also a laptop. The flash also has space for various file extensions so you can change the document whenever needed.

How to Format Flashdisk Through CMD
How to Format Flashdisk Through CMD

How to Format Flashdisk Through CMD

Since everyone is using USB to store and transfer files, there are many chances of being infected with a virus. The initial handling that people usually do when Flashdisk is infected with a virus is to check using the antivirus they are using.

But there are times when the infected flash drive is bad enough so that the solution that can be done is to format the USB flash drive. There are two ways to format a USB in CMD.

Formatting USB in CMD (Format Command)

To format a USB flash drive in CMD, you need to open a command prompt first. Just follow the instructions given below.

  • Write CMD in the search box and hit enter to open a command prompt. You can access the search box from the taskbar.
  • Press Windows key + R to open the Run application. After that type CMD and hit enter.
  • Open a command prompt as administrator.
  • After that, plug in your USB flash drive on your computer.
  • Now you need to type the command format / q / x H: to format the USB.
  • In the above mentioned command “q” is for fast formatting, “x” is for descending from the selected volume and “H” is the letter assigned to the drive.
  • First, check the USB drive letter on your computer and write it down in the command.
  • After that, you have to press enter. You will see the message “Insert new disk for drive H: and press ENTER when ready ..” displayed on the screen.
  • Now you have to hit enter again to start the USB formatting process.
  • After that, you will be asked to enter the volume label for the USB flash drive. Write this / v: after the format command to set volume labels. You can use it with this command “format / q / x H:” too.
  • If you don’t want to enter a volume label, you can just press Enter.
  • After that, a process completion message will be displayed on your screen.
  • Now you will see that your USB is formatted and there is no data on it.

Formatting USB with Disk Management Tool

To format the USB with the Disk Management Tool, you will need to follow a few steps. The steps are as follows:

  • Write the command “msc” and hit enter to open Windows Disk Management.
  • You have to plug in the USB first before opening the Windows Disk Management tool.
    After that, right-click on the USB drive and click on format from the list of options.
  • Now you need to select a file system to format the USB drive. IT is FAT32 or NTFS.
  • Click OK to format the USB drive. (*)

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