How to Activate Disney+ Hotstar Package in Telkomsel

In this sophisticated era, various activities and entertainment activities that usesmartphonedevices can be done anytime and anywhere. Various entertainment ranging from watching videos, playinggamesto watching movies or TV series is now easier.

Talking about watching movies, lately there are quite a number ofplatformsthat provide movie watching features with the concept ofonline streaming.

Activate Disney+ Hotstar Package
Activate Disney+ Hotstar Package

Of course you must be familiar with and familiar with applications such as Netflix, HOOQ, Viu. These applications provide a wide variety of shows, both movies and TV series with a subscription service system that can be stopped at any time if you want to stop subscribing.

How to Activate Disney+ Hotstar Package in Telkomsel

Recently, the newestonline streaming application, Disney + Hotstar, appeared. This application is an online streamingapplication launched by Disney, in which there are lots of Disney films. In addition, this application also has variousgenres,from animation, super heroes, drama, TV series to horror.

Currently, there are quite a number of registered subscribers since its first release. This is because the Disney + Hotstar application contains several exclusive films or TV series that are not broadcast on other platforms. In addition, right now there is also a subscription promo if you use a Telkomsel provider, where you can get a cheaper price.

Now on this occasion, the author will provide a tutorial on how to subscribe to Disney + Hotstar using Telkomsel provider. The steps are as follows:

Follow Steps

1. Open the MyTelkomsel application on your device. After appearing on the main menu, select thebuy package menu.

2. on thebuy package menu,select theentertainment menu,then select Disney + Hotstar. On the menu, there are several subscription package options.

3. Starting from 1 month to 6 months of subscription. Choose what you want. If you have clicked buy. Then the Disney + Hotstar subscription package has been automatically activated successfully.

4. Download the Disney + Hotstar app on thePlay Store.If so, open the application then select the entry menu. Enter the Telkomsel phone number that has been activated before. Then enter the verification code

5. As for the results, you can access all the films and TV series contained in the application.


This is the tutorial on how to subscribe to Disney + Hotstar via Telkomsel provider. With this you can easily practice and watch movies as much as you want. In addition, through thisplatform, of course you can find out more affordable prices. Hope it is useful.

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