How To Activate Game Mode In Windows 10

Activate Game Mode in Windows 10: Microsoft has announced that it will make further improvements to Windows 10 rather than starting work on the next Windows. Faithful to this desire, the company is working on the continuous improvement of Windows functionalities, thus bringing new functionalities such as the game mode, which is designed to offer players better gaming experience.

How to Activate Game Mode in Windows 10
How to Activate Game Mode in Windows 10

Before we explain how to activate Game Mode in Windows 10, let’s do a bit of history. This feature was introduced in version 1703 of Windows 10 by Xbox developers to help players use the potential of their system resources for gaming, ensuring a better experience. It aims, in particular, to improve the fluidity of games by eliminating or reducing offsets and by improving the frame rate.

Unless you can update your Windows to version 1703, you will not be able to access the function that has been added to Windows settings on your computer. With all the latest updates, your system should be able to activate it automatically as long as it supports the game you are playing. However, you can also make sure it is enabled for certain games that may or may not be supported.

Here’s how to activate game mode in Windows 10

To activate the game mode in Windows 10, simply follow the procedure below:

  • The first thing to do is go to the control panel of your computer.
  • In theGames section, you will see theGame Mode option. It is on this option that you must click. If it is not automatically activated, you can simply activate it.

However, this is only part of the job since you will also need to activate it for individual games that have not yet been activated. Here are the steps to activate the game mode in window 10 for specific games:

  • Before doing anything if you want to activate it for a particular game, you will need to start the game first.
  • Now that the game is launched, press Win + G to open the game bar.
  • Here you will see a setting icon at the edge of the line. Click on this icon.
  • Your game mode will open and in the first bar, you will be asked if you want to use the game mode for this game. Simply check the box and it will activate the game mode for the game.
  • Once this is done, you may need to restart your game for the settings to take effect.

If for some reason you want to turn off Windows mode for a particular game or for the whole computer, you just need to follow the above steps, but instead of turning on game mode by switching, you will simply activate it.

If you have problems activating the “Game” mode

There may come a time when you launch your game and when you try to launch the game mode by clicking on Windows + G, to discover that nothing is happening. There is a very simple solution to this problem.

But then, you will need to make sure that your version of Windows has been updated to support Game Mode. That said, here is how to fix it:

Solution 1: check that the game mode has been activated: To do this, go toSettingsthen selectGames, and in theGame mode, check whether it has been activated or not. If it is off, turn it on and go back to your game and try topress Windows + G. It should work, but if it doesn’t, then …

Solution 2: The next problem that could prevent you from activating the “Game” mode on certain games when you press Windows + G could be that the Windows key has been deactivated.

To solve this problem, you will need to configure your keys by going to the settings, Games, then Game Mode. Click on game bar, then on Keyboard shortcuts. This will allow you to see all the available shortcuts and you can decide to change the keys according to your preferences.

Solution 3: for older games that are played in full screen, it can be very difficult to activate the “game” mode in window 10 once you have started your game.

The solution to this problem is to simply start your game on Windows rather than full screen and when you have activated your game mode, you can return to full screen. To do this, each game will have its own settings, but most of the time you will find this under video mode and then display mode.

Other importance of game mode

What many people who have tried the game mode in Windows 10 will tell you is that while it is capable of improving the gaming experience, it is not too important. But every little step is a giant step for a player. The impact you will get is mostly for middle and lower level players, but as soon as you get to high-end games, the impact decreases significantly.

For someone who is good at multitasking, turning on game mode in Windows 10 will give you better performance. This will optimize your computer for gaming by ensuring that it adjusts more of your CPU and GPU power to serve the game.

In addition, unwanted programs and background programs that are not considered essential will be automatically stopped. This means that he will ensure that priority is given to your gaming activities.

Finally, you can also take advantage of the game mode to save your game or to get screenshots.


Like we said, when you play high-end games, you may not get a life-changing impact, but when you keep going down the gamut, you’re sure to improve your game, especially when you are having problems such as stuttering, sluggish loading, lag, and the like.

It is important to note that this will not solve the serious problems caused by a bad GPU or any other material necessary for the fluidity of the game. It can only polish. For the moment, the game mode does not support all the games available on the market, but we hope that with new updates, it will be able to support more and more games.

I hope that you can Activate Game Mode in Windows 10. If you feel any issue, comment in the comment box.

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