Xbox Series X: Phil Spencer Reveals The Power Of The Console

In an article on Xbox Wire, Phil Spencer confirms the power of the Xbox Series X and reveals some interesting features.

Xbox Series X: Phil Spencer Reveals the Power of the Console
Xbox Series X: Phil Spencer Reveals the Power of the Console

Some interesting news on the Xbox Series X emerge. The next-gen console fromMicrosoftis out for the end of this year (although there is a risk of a delay caused by the coronavirus ) and will have a power of calculation equal to12 Teraflops.

This statement comes directly from Phil Spencer in an article on Xbox Wire and is consistent with what was previously stated, which is that the next-gen will be about 8 times more powerful than the current generation of consoles. In addition,some featuresthat the Xbox Series X will have arealso revealed.

Xbox Series X: Phil Spencer Reveals the Power of the Consolee

Microsoft’s communication pushes what will be an effective generational leap when the Series X is released. According to Spencer, the increase in power will lead to an improvement in graphics, an increase in the frame rate and more complex open worlds.

In addition, a whole host of new technologies will come to support development. We are talking abouthardware raytracingand Variable Rate Shading.The latter will give priority to render only the most important parts of the screen, generating greater optimization of the game.

It will be possible to suspend multiple games. This way when they are restarted we will find ourselves at the exact point where the game was suspended.

Better Xbox controller accuracy is also expected throughDynamic Latency Input. Finally the120 fps supportis confirmed, we will see if this and all the other interesting features of the Xbox Series X will be exploited properly by the developers.

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