How To Activate WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock

Do you want to add an extra security to your WhatsApp? Now you can block it with the fingerprint if you install the latest beta. We teach you to configure it.

How To Activate WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock
How To Activate WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock

How To Activate WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock

Activate WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock: It never hurts that an application used by hundreds of millions of users includes an extra security when it comes to hiding their conversations from other people.

This is what WhatsApp finally did after activating the fingerprint scanner in its Android application: if you have the latest beta installed, you can already protect your chats with your fingerprint. And it is much more practical than it seems.

The logical thing is that nobody accesses your conversations if you block the phone because they should not know your password, but it does not have to be the only security measure: by adding the fingerprint to your WhatsApp you can make sure that nobody else reads your private messages.

It even allows you to get a fairly desired extra: the new setting can hide the content of WhatsApp messages in notifications. This way only you can read what they tell you through the messaging application.

How to protect your WhatsApp from any curious look? You just have to protect it with the fingerprint by following the following process.

Access the privacy settings of your WhatsApp to protect it with your fingerprints

WhatsApp already included a double authentication system with a six-digit pin that you can configure, but does not jump every time the application is opened; so it does not prevent someone from reading your conversations if they already have access to the phone. With the fingerprint there are no cracks.

To protect the chats with the footprint you need the latest beta update of WhatsApp. In case you do not have access to the beta you can sign up by following these steps. Or you can install the Apk with the fingerprint adjustment: just download it from Apk Mirror. After:

Access the settings of your WhtasApp by clicking on the three points in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • Enter the ” Account ” options , then “Privacy.”
  • Scroll down to the ” Fingerprint lock ” option .
  • Now you just have to activate the option ” Unlock with your fingerprint “. Confirm with the fingerprint registered on your phone.
  • You can choose three automatic locks: just close WhatsApp, after 1 minute after closing or after half an hour. You decide, but the first option is the safest. Also somewhat cumbersome since you will always have to put the mark to enter your conversations.
  • The last setting allows you to block the content of messages in notifications. If you don’t want them to be read, activate it.

From the moment you configure the fingerprint in your messaging application, nobody can read your messages if they don’t ask you for permission to do so.

Obviously your mobile must have a fingerprint reader; In addition to having registered a footprint for access to the system.

We hope that you have learnt how to Activate WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock.

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