How to Add F4 Paper in Latest Word and Excel

Sometimes when printing a document with F4 paper, the results we expect are not appropriate, sometimes not all parts of the paper are used or the printout exceeds the paper size.

These results occur because we have not printed the document in excel or in excel using the correct F4 paper size. Here’s how to add F4 paper in the latest word and excel.

Add F4 Paper in Latest Word and Excel
Add F4 Paper in Latest Word and Excel

How to Add F4 Paper in Latest Word and Excel

Adding F4 paper size in Canon and Epson printers is a little different, here’s how for each printer:

Canon Printer Settings

To add f4 paper when printing with canon printer, follow these steps

  1. Open thecontrol panel, by opening thestart menuand then opening thecontrol panel
  2. Next selectViewDevices and Printers
  3. Select one of the canon printers that you are using then selectPrint Printer Properties
  4. On the Print Printer Properties menu, do the following settings

CheckCreate New Form

  • Enter a Name in the Form Name,you can name it as you wish
  • Determine the width and length of the paper in the WidthandHeight fields,for F4 paper use a width of 21.5 cm and a length 33 cm
  • Save Form

Open microsoft word or excel, if the application was already open before you did the above settings, close it first and then reopen it.

Try printing then selecting one of the canon printers, you don’t need to print enough back. The F4 paper/name that you have specified will appear in the paper size selection.

Settings On Epson Printers

If you use an Epson printer, adding F4 paper is a little different. You need to make settings on each Epson printer that you use, here are the steps:

  1. Go toControl Panel > View Devices and Printers, like steps 1 -2 above.
  2. Right-click the Epson printer you want to add the F4 paper to, selectPrinting Preferences
  3. Next on theDocument Sizemenu selectUser Defined
  4. Make the following settings

Paper Size Name: enter paper name here

  • Enter paper Width and Height, 215 mm and 330 mm
  • ]Save Paper Size, then OK

Open word on excel, open the print menu (Ctrl + P), select the Epson printer that you configured above and then return. The F4 paper will appear in the 9.

That’s how to add F4 paper so that it appears in Microsoft Word or Excel, so even if you use a Canon or Epson printer, you can still add F4 paper.

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