Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology In Society

The positive and negative world they are visible in today’s society. For example, technology facilitates access to various forms of communication, but at the same time it can cause privacy violation as a result of its use.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Technology In Society

From the first second of existence, man has struggled to innovate to change his environment to meet their needs more and more.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Technology In Society

In search of transforming the world, technology became a means to improve the quality of human life and solve problems more effectively. Undoubtedly, the emergence of the Internet in the mid-1990s arose before and after the globalization process, as it opened up many opportunities.

Then, by inventing the computer, the dissemination of information completely changed the business relationship. Then, with the development of smartphones, there was a development of communication simplicity, interchanging interpersonal interactions.

Day after day, there are new inventions that take place in devices, tools, and applications that help men with daily tasks. However, scientists and experts say technology has both advantages and disadvantages.

5 main advantages of using technology

1. Simple communication

The ability to communicate with different people in the world in real time is one of the most significant technological advantages. Previously, the communication routes par excellence were the fixed telephone network through the lines and the postal service.

Now several programs make it easy, practical and economical to interact with people around the world. This modification has even affected the way you work, because sometimes you only need one person behind your computer to follow the instructions electronically, thus eliminating almost any direct communication.

2. Access to information

Another advantage of advanced technology is access to information. Thanks to Internet search engines, you can find any original content written anywhere on Earth. In the past, the tool for par excellence data research was a computer, but it included smartphones to consume web-based products anytime and anywhere.

According to information from the International Telecommunication Union, the World Bank Group and the United Nations Population Department, by the end of January 2018, there were more than three billion Internet users worldwide.

There are also over 1 billion websites filled with information that, thanks to technology, has access to over 7,000 450 million people living on the planet. The continent that will grow most in the next decade is Africa.

3. Improve quality of life

Undoubtedly, technology has tested man’s creativity and ingenuity. Every day, there are new inventions of devices and devices that can help improve the quality of life of citizens.
Thanks to this need, tools have been invented that improve essential aspects such as health, industry and trade.

In the case of medicine, the discovery and cure of the disease made significant progress. Artificial intelligence will help diagnose diseases. In recent years, new vaccines and treatments have been developed for pathologies that were incurable ten years ago.

In the industrial and commercial sphere, the introduction of technology tools optimized to promote economic production reduces costs and engages in trade relations.

4. Improves the quality of education

Education is also a technology. With extensive access to information, learning and teaching models changed. Teachers and researchers have developed new pedagogical methods based on the advantages of new devices. In addition, although it seems unnecessary, the same technology contributes to more and better technology creation.

5. Birth of social networks

In the field of communication technologies, the emergence of social networks has been very beneficial for a number of reasons.

First, it facilitates a faster and more direct link between people. In addition, it has become a space for collaboration between friends and also between business and customers.

The amount of information voluntarily offered by social network users is very helpful for product and service providers to create initiatives and proposals that are more and more user-friendly.

5 major disadvantages of using technology

1. Environmental pollution

Although globalization has brought great benefits, such as optimization of production, increased pollution and abuse of natural resources, it has an impact on society.

The biggest challenge is to create ways to prevent these negative effects and reduce the risks to the Earth. The transition from non-renewable energy to renewable energy will be the most important aspect to prevent the development of pollution.

2. Addiction and disorder

The inclusion of electronic devices has changed certain behaviors in the individual and hence in society. Currently, sociologists and social psychologists have condemned the change of some values and behaviors in different cultures because people are dependent on computers, smartphones and tablets.

This situation caused disruptions such as cybercrime, dependence on social networks or video games. In addition, there are unfavorable physical conditions that have increased due to the use of technology. This applies to carpal tunnel syndrome, so-called “blackberry” and cervical lesions.

3. Personal security and public offenses

Some people say surfing the Internet means risks. Experts point out that connecting to unknown open Wi-Fi networks means that everyone can access the data you entered during navigation.

Professionals also criticize the publication of photos on social networks that capture data about where and with whom you are. Research confirms that offenders are reviewing their potential victim accounts to find out about their daily lives and make them easier to approach.

While technology offers enormous benefits, users need to think and recognize the limitations of this tool. Sometimes, due to negligence, negligence or too much trust, the risks it involves.

4. Decline in the number of jobs

In some areas, technological advances are likely to favor companies, resulting in greater efficiency in their processes, but at the same time they may be disadvantageous for workers who may lose their jobs.

This topic creates a lot of controversy. Ideally, it is possible to find a balance that allows you to increase your business productivity while recognizing human work in this area. In the coming years, artificial intelligence and robots will eliminate millions of jobs and it may take a few years to build others.

5. Weakening of some skills

There are very useful tools that save time and produce more optimal results, but in some cases, these tools can help promote creativity and intelligence, especially among younger people.

For example, a calculator is very useful, but if used to perform simple actions that can be done without using any tools, it promotes “mental laziness” that can lead to a deterioration of learning.

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