Positive Impact Of Technology On Society In 2024

Technology affects societyin aspects such as agriculture, education, communication, politics, work or transport. It is a tool that has changed the way society develops.

Positive Impact Of Technology On Society

In the past centuries, some, mainly richer people, used technological advancements. However, today technology is available to almost everyone. Let’s think that most people own a smartphone / mobile phone, which is a technological device.

Positive Impact Of Technology On Society

Thus, it is observed that the use of technological devices has become practically necessary. In fact, technology is so highly embodied in human organizations that some authors even claim it is the heart of modern society.

There are several studies that reinforce this theory. Coeckelbergh (2012) in his textHow did I learn to love a robot(“How did I learn to love a robot?”) Indicates that the era in which we live is an era of technology.

Key aspects affected by technology

At the moment, technology and human life cannot be separated, they depend on elements. People use technology to communicate, travel, learn to make our lives easier.

On the other hand, people themselves make technological advances based on the needs of society.

Undoubtedly, technology plays a vital role in the development of human organizations, because it interferes with and forms the economy, education, industry, interpersonal relationships, inter alia in everyday life.

Below is a list of some areas where technology impact can be observed.


Technology has revolutionized the methods used in agriculture. Technological advances in this area make it possible to maximize the cultivated space. Agricultural machinery promotes the development of various activities.

For example, there are mechanical plows and irrigation and harvesting systems that reduce human effort and increase soil productivity. Artificial fertilizers are also an example of how technology affects this area. Thanks to these products, soil conditions improve.

Another aspect that shows the impact of technology on agriculture is the presence of genetically modified crops. They grow faster than regular agricultural products and can be manipulated to create resistance to certain diseases and pests.


Communication is one aspect where the impact of technology is becoming more apparent. Technological advances allow remote communication to be much faster and more efficient. In the past, if you wanted to talk to another country, you should send a letter. The problem was the waiting time between sending and answering.

However, today you can send a message via any social network or international courier and the answer will be immediate. Communication technology is one of the most advanced. This is obvious with devices such as smartphones that have hundreds of tools to facilitate the exchange of information remotely.


Many educational institutions include information and communication technologies on a daily basis. The interactive nature of technological devices favors the teaching and learning process and attracts the attention of students.

It has been shown that the use of audiovisual media in the classroom facilitates learning in areas such as mathematics, physics, biology and geography.

In addition, technology has transformed the way it is studied remotely. Previously, this type of course was done by mail, but nowadays it can be done using any platform available on the Internet.


Technology is power. This means that the more technological achievements the people give, the stronger the eyes of other countries. It has a relationship between technology and politics.

One example is the space race that took place in the 20th century, when the US and the Soviet Union competed for who would be the first to reach the Moon.

Another example of policy and technology relations is that countries are promoting the development of technologies that enable them to increase their military presence.


The work is positively influenced by technology. The use of computers, smartphones, the Internet and social networks reduces the workload of employees.

Thanks to technological advances, new jobs have been created. Currently, work is no longer something to do in the office. Anyone can work from home using a computer.


Cars, trains, planes, motorcycles, ships are among the technological advances that affect the transport sector. These devices facilitate not only the movement of people, but also the movement of goods.

Thanks to technology, you can talk about four modes of transport: land, air, water and space. The surface of the earth is what is done through roads and railways. This type of transport uses cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, trains, railways.

Air transport uses, inter alia, aircraft, light aircraft, helicopters, hot air balloons. Waterborne transport, which may be sea or fluvial, uses boats of various sizes to adapt to the needs of the transport.

Finally, space transport is the latest of the three. It is responsible for sending cargo from Earth to space and vice versa.

Personal Life

Influencing the development of society, technology also affects personal life. This allows us to do easier tasks such as cooking, brewing, washing clothes, moving from one place to another, communicating with others.

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