Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Artificial Intelligence in Your Business

Did you know that Brazil is the country that most uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Latin America? This information comes from a study commissioned by SAS and carried out by the consultancy IDC.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Artificial Intelligence in your Business

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Artificial Intelligence in Your Business

The same study also recorded that 63% of Brazilian companies use AI-based applications. The segments that demonstrate the most advances in solutions with this technology are financial, retail and manufacturing.

Another relevant point of the study is Brazil’s leadership in the use of AI, data and analytics in terms of security and reliability of business activities.

All this demonstrates how Artificial Intelligence is already widely explored by Brazilian businessmen. Even so, there are still entrepreneurs, beginners or former, who are afraid of using this technology in organizational processes.

To eliminate doubts and enlighten your decisions, we have prepared a series of information about AI, focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of using Artificial Intelligence in your business. So read everything until the end to stay more informed!

For starters… What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a technology whose objective is to make machines and systems capable of mimicking human intelligence to perform tasks and make decisions.

Contrary to what many think, AI cannot perform these functions on its own. She needs to follow a series of instructions and algorithms programmed by professionals. From there, it uses patterns obtained from information and data collected to perform actions.

We use AI much more often than is realized. One of the biggest examples of use is chatbots. Do you know when you open a message box on a store’s page and receive automatic responses as a service? This is done from AI!

What are the advantages of using Artificial Intelligence in your business?

Below we will point out some of the main advantages obtained by entrepreneurs who decide to apply Artificial Intelligence to help their business. Check out:

Process optimization

Artificial Intelligence can be employed to perform those repetitive tasks that take time in the work routine. This considerably optimizes processes and increases the productivity of employees, who can focus on more important demands.

Higher precision

Overall, AI significantly reduces failures in operations, having a minimal error rate. This is because it acts based on facts and is programmed specifically for such a function, unlike humans, who can make mistakes due to tiredness, inattention, etc.

Security and predictability

Many companies use Artificial Intelligence to carry out tasks in dangerous places or in difficult conditions for humans, which offers greater security to professionals.

This same use can be extended to predict events, identify transformations and suggest adaptations, all based on past patterns. In agribusiness, this is already being well implemented.

High competitiveness

In order not to fall behind the competition, companies need to be constantly updated, following the new technologies that can add value to the business.

Therefore, by applying AI to your processes, you obtain all the advantages mentioned and increase your authority, maintaining a good level of competitiveness and improving your results.

What are the disadvantages of using Artificial Intelligence in your business?

Despite all the business advantages, nothing is perfect. There are some caveats related to the implementation of AI in companies. See some:

  • High costs:Many smaller companies don’t have enough money to afford the software, machines, tools, and skilled staff to install AI.
  • Complex transition:There is a lot of discussion about unemployment caused by AI, but the truth is that this is part of a transition process, in which professionals will become more qualified for higher roles. However, this can take time and cause wear and tear. In addition, it is also possible to encounter scalability issues.
  • Dehumanization in customer service:chatbots and virtual assistants can be great for business productivity and agility. However, if used in excess, AI can drive audiences away due to poor personal connection and lack of empathy.

Now that you’ve learned about the advantages and disadvantages of using Artificial Intelligence in your business, are you more or less interested in the technology?

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