Alternatives To Kodi: Complete Guide

Kodi is one of the most used multimedia programs in Italy for its Media Center functionality and for compatibility with IPTV lists , which are easily configurable. The software has also spread due to the possibility of installation on practically every existing TV Box and the presence of extensions that expand its features.

Alternatives to Kodi: complete guide
Alternatives to Kodi: complete guide

However, there are validalternatives to Kodito focus on if you are looking for an interface (sometimes even simpler) and different features for our home entertainment center.

What are the alternatives to Kodi

Here is a quick rundown of very good alternatives for moving around in the Media Center and streaming videos, music or photos.

For beginners, a home streaming multimedia system consists of a part of the Server side application to be installed on a device (HTPC, TV Box, NAS, dedicated Computers) with a storage to store content and media (Movies, TV Series, Videos, Music, Photos) and equipped with computational capacity to send a streaming stream to other devices (Smartphone, TV, Tablet, Console) where the Client side application part is present.


Among the best programs with Media Center and Media Server capabilities ,Plexcertainly stands out , available for free (with some limitations) for a plethora of different devices: desktop operating systems, NAS, Apple TV and many Smart TV models.

DOWNLOAD |Plex Media Server

This program alone deserves a dedicated study but we will describe it very quickly in this article. It consists of two components:

Plex Media Server(downloadable from the link above) able to automatically index all the multimedia contents present in a folder, so as to show posters, plot, indications on direction and actors plus other useful information for the user (all automatically, just configure the providers to collect information).

In order to see the indexed contents you will need to use the second component, that is:

Plex Media Player, the client for multimedia playback of indexed content. The connection between Plex server and client will always allow you to obtain the highest possible quality, with the addition of automatic subtitles (even forced ones) and maximum control during playback.

If you cannot use Plex Media Player, the contents are accessible via DLNA, ideal for Smart TVs and other PCs. Plex also supports transcoding, so you can convert any incompatible codec on the fly (very useful in the case of Chromecast).

The program is free but offers some advanced features (Plex Pass) only for a fee (such as the possibility of using it for Photos or synchronization to save Movies and TV Series offline).

Mobile apps are perfectly compatible with Chromecast, so Plex is easily exploitable by installing the Server where the files to be indexed are present and using the mobile app and Chromecast for playback. It is possible to download the mobile version of Plex from the following links.

DOWNLOAD |Android Plex|IOS Plex


The second alternative to Kodi that we would like to recommend isEmby, an open source Media Center available for a large number of devices both on the server and on the client side. The download page contains references to supported hardware (including PS4, Xbox One, Mac, Linux).


With this program you can play both the contents indexed by another source (for example a NAS or a media server) and use it directly as a media server and index all video and audio content, complete with original posters, plots and trailers of the films and TV series.

Once the contents are indexed, you can play them on any compatible device on the network, thanks to DLNA support (therefore see all the contents on TV, Smart TV and other PC / Mac). Emby offers real timetranscodingof files: if a particular codec is not compatible, it can be converted on the fly so that it can be reproduced correctly.

Definitely one of the best alternatives to Kodi for PC, also available for free for Android and iOS from the following links.

DOWNLOAD |Emby Android|Emby iOS


Another excellent alternative to Kodi is Stremio, a complete multimedia program available for download from the link below.


With Stremio you will get both the server and the media player to play the contents on the device itself and in addition you can index any content present in multiple sources (a NAS, a network disk, a PC or an online cloud resource such as Google One / Google Drive or Dropbox) and make it accessible in a single interface.

The application offers a series of add-ons that are real Apps (on the false line of Apple TV) with which, for example, you can connect to YouTube or be able to watch Netflix without leaving the main App.

In this case you will also get automatic content indexing, with an advanced management system for the films and content already seen (you can resume them at any time from the interrupted scene).

The Stremio server allows you to send content also via DLNA but the best results are obtained by installing the Stremio mobile app.

DOWNLOAD |Android Stremio|Stremio iOS

Other alternative programs in Kodi

Those reported are without a shadow of a doubt the best alternatives to Kodi, very intuitive and that you can also try immediately on your computer. There are many other valid alternatives that can work both as a pure Media Center and as a multimedia server to share content on the network (WiFi, local Lan or via the Internet).

The programs that you can try as alternatives to Kodi are the following:

By trying them all you will surely be able to find a valid alternative to Kodi and not regret any of its features but discover simpler, more intuitive interfaces and applications with modern features.

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