7 Android War Games With the Best Gameplay 2024

The best Android war games can be an option when you are bored at home or waiting in a long queue. Now playing games on a cellphone is no less fun than a home game console or handheld game console. The graphics are cool and the gameplay is also quite tense.

7 Android War Games with the Best Gameplay 2020

7 Android War Games with the Best Gameplay

You can find it on the Google Play Store. There are so many games with various genres there. Starting from action, fighting, to RPGs that can be played for days or even months.

Confused about what cellphone specifications are suitable for playing the best Android war games above? Don’t worry, we have recommendations for the best Android gaming cellphones.

After knowing which cellphones are suitable, next we will give some recommendations for the best Android war games with the most challenging gameplay. The following are recommendations for war games:

1. Command and Conquer: Rivals

Who doesn’t know the Command and Conquer series. This series already has many fans, especially for those of you who are also PC gamers.

Command and Conquer is the most successful war game franchise of all time. This game is published by one of the biggest publishers in the world, namely EA (Electronic Arts).

Because they knew that the Android game market niche was getting bigger, EA released a mobile version of its game, namely Command and Conquer: Rivals. This game appears as a Real Time Strategy game like its predecessor.

For those of you who miss the Command and Conquer: Red Alert or Generals series, you can play this best Android war game.

2. Shadowgun Legends

Do you like sci-fi and future themes? The Android war game Shadowgun Legends comes with a future war theme and a first person perspective.

This game has several modes, including Story Mode for those of you who want to know the story of this game, and also PVP where you can fight 1 on 1 with your friends or other random players.

3. Gates of War

Another best Android war game with the real-time strategy genre is Gates of War. This game has a space theme. In this game you can choose more than 300 types of war soldiers. For those of you who have a competitive spirit, you can fight other players online in PVP mode.

4. Modern Combat 5

The fourth best Android war game is Modern Combat 5. This game is one of the most popular games today. Apart from that, the graphics presented are cool and very realistic. It can be concluded that graphically this game has a display that can compete with the PS3 console.

5. War Robots

This best Android war game has really exciting gameplay. You can play multiplayer up to 6 v 6. It’s definitely exciting and exciting with that many players in one game.

Apart from that, this game has good controls and charming graphics. Hurry up and download the War Robots game on the Google Play Store application now.

6. PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) Mobile

Well here it is! The war game that is currently very popular is not only the PC version, but also the mobile version. The graphics are no less smooth and detailed than the console and PC versions.

Gameplay is also fun. For those of you who are already playing PUBG, be careful that you will get addicted and limit your play as much as possible.

7. Blitz Brigade

If you know the game Team Fortress, Blitz Brigade is similar to the best-selling PC game from Valve. This game also comes in a first person shooter format.

Apart from that, you can play the multiplayer game mode if you want to play with friends or want to bring out your competitive spirit.

Minimum specifications for an Android cellphone to play the best war games

War games are full of high-speed scenes. Therefore, stable and reliable cellphone performance is needed to handle high frame rates. Skipper recommends buying a cellphone with an AnTuTu score above 100,000 if you want to play the Android war games above smoothly. The RAM capacity of an Android cellphone must be large so that it can handle a large workload.

Apart from that, battery problems must also be a concern. It is recommended to buy a cellphone with a large battery capacity so that you can play for hours. You also have to pay attention to the processor specifications, make sure that after testing with the AnTuTu score you can get a high score.

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