Animal Crossing | How To Create Snowmen

With the arrival of winter in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, towns will change their appearance, as snowflakes will begin to fall everywhere and that will cause the grass to become covered with snow, but best of all, they will appear balls to create your own snowman, as we are going to tell you in this guide.

Animal Crossing | How to Create Snowmen
Animal Crossing | How to Create Snowmen

When can you create snowmen?

Depending on the hemisphere in which you live, the date on which the snow will turn your island white will vary and therefore the period of time in which you will have the opportunity to create your snowmen.

How to create snowmen

To create your own snowman you will have to go around your town and locate two miniature snowballs. Normally they are usually very close to each other and your goal will be to make them increase in size enough so that Capito, the snowman that you will make, comes to life.

To do this you have to hit 13 kicks to one of the balls through the snow, taking care that it does not fall into the water and make sure that it does not collide with anything, otherwise it will fall apart and you will have to go in and out of some home to reappear.

Once you have kicked the ball enough times, your character will start to move it using his hands. From there you have to give the two balls the right size you want and join one with the other so that they become Copito.

How to create a perfect snowman

You can make Copito the size you want, but the ideal would be for you to get each ball to get an appropriate size to create the perfect snowman, which will help you to receive projects from the series of snow objects and also to make yourself with XL Snowflakes, this being the only way to obtain them.

What’s more, Copito will take four days to disappear and each day he will give you a unit of these huge flakes, so do not hesitate to talk to him daily so that you have enough materials to make the objects of the projects he gives you.

That said, to make the balls the perfect size there is a very simple trick that will be to use the camera of the Nookófono. If you aim at ground level you will have to make sure that the ball that will be his head has a size equal to that of your character until it reaches the ears, as you can see in the following image.

As for the part that will correspond to the body, you will need to do exactly the same, although in this case the ball has to be just above your character’s ears, as shown in this other image.

If for some reason you exceed its size, you just have to move the ball through a terrain where there is no snow, such as bridges or the town hall square, for example, so that it gradually decreases.

And be very careful with the dung beetles, because they can appear and move your snowball, which can harm you when carrying out this task.

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