AnimeX Not Working? Here Are the Best Alternatives!

Almost a year ago we presented a list of sites and apps to watch anime for free on Android. If you are interested you can find it here. One of the apps we highly recommended is animeX. It was always up to date and easily accessible. Unfortunately AnimeX no longer works.

AnimeX Not Working? Here Are the Best Alternatives!
AnimeX Not Working? Here Are the Best Alternatives!

Here Are the Best Alternatives of AnimeX!

In this article we present some alternatives to AnimeX all 100% working, free and updated. On the programs that we recommend you will not only find all the seasonal and new releases but also very old anime or with many episodes.

  • AnimeWorld
  • AnimeWatch
  • AnimeForce


Already a year ago we introduced it to you as one of the best sites to watch anime. Well, if you are looking for something not very famous here you will find it, it is the largest free anime site.

Founded a few years ago, it has made its way past the now old and uncomfortable forums. You won’t have to use slow and often virus-laden apps like Openload or Stremmango. Anime world uses an internal video player.

The fact remains that visiting the site opens numerous pages and annoying pop-up ads to close, given the immense archive and the fact that there is no lag problem, this is the only problem. Anything that can’t be solved with a good add block?

Visit AnimeWorld


A short time ago an article came out on our site in which we reviewed this incredible Telegram channel. The messaging app, a locus amoenos of freedom in total control of the internet, has seen hundreds of channels flourish that allow users to share their favorite content.

A small channel among them thanks to a large team and a lot of agreements with fan-sub groups has created a small empire.

Thanks to the animewatch ti family you will be able to access all the anime in progress and most of the past. There will be no advertising problems and you will be able to watch the episode while you download it.

From the other channels of the group you can read your favorite manga and discuss new episodes on a forum group with other fans. In short, a good alternative now that animeX is not working.

Visit AnimeWatch


One of the best online sites for streaming our beloved cartoons is anime Force. The anime Force archive is huge and each of the episodes can be downloaded or viewed online.

The series are constantly updated and it is also possible to see them in other languages.

Visit AnimeForce

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